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    In terms of lightweight WordPress themes, Genesis has a big repution, and a big community. However I have never actually used it.

    I am curious about what the similarities are and the differences are between Genesis and GeneratePress theme.

    What are commercial Genesis child themes normally built with in terms of a page builder?

    How easy would it be to make a child theme with GeneratePress and Eliminator and reuse it over and over again, perhaps even sell commercially with the demo content?

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    Lead Developer

    Honestly, I haven’t looked at Gensis in about 5 years, so I couldn’t really tell you.

    Last time I checked they didn’t use the Customizer – hopefully that has changed now.

    GeneratePress is quite easy to create a child theme with – you can check out the functions.php files of our child themes to get an idea: https://wordpress.org/themes/author/edge22/

    I can’t speak on exporting Elementor layouts etc.. that’s something you’ll need to ask them.

    Not a huge fan of re-selling GP commercially, as that would generally mean re-selling GP Premium as well.


    In the Divi world, it’s fairly common for people to sell divi child themes, to people who already paid for divi. But it sounds like it might be tricky to package a child with GeneratePress and Elementor


    You can’t really compare both products (Genesis and GeneratePress). You can change a few things via Customizer, now. If you want to customize Genesis or Genesis child themes, you still have to code a lot, CSS and functions.

    IMHO Genesis is not very flexible. There is a premium plugin called “Genesis Design Palette Pro”. It’s expensive like all products in the Copyblogger universe.

    In the past, I replaced Genesis by alternative products, bit by bit. I am very happy that I found GeneratePress, just a month ago, after Headway got dropped by its developer from one day to another.

    IMHO there is no need to get Genesis. GeneratePress combined with GP Premium gets the job done faster and easier. It’s more flexible, too.

    Honestly, I never used a page builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder. A lot of people are talking about them. It seems, that I have to take a look.


    If you are selling web design services – pre made templates can come in very handy, especially at the lower tier end of pricing. People can just pick a demo off the shelf, and you can swap the content round. Genesis has a lot of child themes for it, as does Divi – but the problem with Divi is that it’s a bit slow performance wise. Where as Genesis has a reputation for being light.

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    Lead Developer

    Thanks, Sebastian! Really happy to hear that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stuart – all of the GP options have filterable defaults, so you can build child themes and filter in your own defaults. Then when the user activates GP Premium and the add-ons, all of your defaults will display and show them their pre-made layout.

    Creating premium child themes is definitely something I’m wanting to do.


    I have had Genesis for years but only really used with Dynamik Website builder (DWB) and that allows absolutely anything in customsation and layouts. The backend is complex however and needs a lot of learning. Now I would only incline to use that when something a little tricky is required on a site. Genesis on its own is pretty much a blank canvas so you need a child theme to do anything with it, DWB the best in my opinion.

    Also had Headway from the beginning and there are no limits to design with that and wonderful drag and drop and live design editing. However since the new generation of page builders I was really only using a fraction of its power to just set site up with header and footer and styles, then the rest with Beaver Builder.

    As mentioned above HW may be coming to an end, certainly in such a mess that all confidence has gone.

    So I could build with either of those frameworks but I am liking GeneratePress a lot right now, nice and simply and clean, easy enough to style the basics and I am fine with tweaking in css. Beyond that the biggest thing is the page builder to create lovely content easily.


    Have you ever bought premium genesis child themes? – if so, what page builder do they normally use?

    Wilmer Arambula

    GeneratePress is a clean WordPress Theme, simple, and its main feature is that it does not force you to make your page for a predefined design, ie, are free to do your page to your imagination and knowledge, and the help of @tom and his team truly is unique, it is a great investment.

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    Lead Developer

    Thanks, Wilmer! ๐Ÿ™‚

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