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    hello Tom,
    last year you helped me with getting to show sideheader image on a woocommerce product page but now after updating your plugin and woocommerce it’s gone?

    Do you remember what we did to enable it?

    This is critical to my site so hopefully you can help…


    GeneratePress 2.1.3

    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i can’t see this in your Topics, if it was a topic you raised here then click the Forum Profile button at the top of the page and it should be listed there.

    If not can you provide some more detail regarding the ‘sideheader(?)’



    the sidehead for giving a post (in this case a product) a sideheader image…


    Leo Customer Support


    no not quite – I just want the ability to add an image (just like featured image) at top of a products page; New product = new image. Do you have a filter for enabling that? Tom helped me last year…


    David Customer Support

    Hi there, we can’t find any record of that topic, the Page Header option that Leo refers to sounds like the easiest method. It can be set to just display the products featured image.

    If not can you remember whether the method provided used a PHP snippet?



    how to apply David’s method – in the backend or through the ‘page-header’ in admin?

    Yeah I believe it was a php snippet…


    David Customer Support

    1. Activate Page Headers in Dashboard > Appearance > GeneratePress. This will add a Page Header Menu to the dashboard.
    2. Page Headers > Add New.
    3. Go to content panel (don’t add an image). Add some content. use an empty element like <span><!---empty---></span> so the header displays.
    4. Select Add Background image toggle, set your Containers to contained and add Top / Bottom Padding to suit your image height requirements. Then save
    5. Page headers > Global Locations > Post Types – Single > Products and assign the header you just made.



    no I want a specific image for each specific product; So when adding an image in the ‘sideheader’ menu below product detail I want it to be shown at the top of the productpage – just like a featured image does in a post.


    It worked before upgrading…


    David Customer Support

    Ok, little confused, so checked the email you sent to support, the image you provided for the ‘sidehoved’ is the old page header.
    In GP 1.6 Page Headers were moved to the dashboard as said above, all the settings remain the same.
    To assign them to an individual product, in the editor you need to look for the Layout meta:

    Layout Meta



    but I don’t want to add a sideheader! I want to add an image to the top of a products page throught the ‘sidehoved’ that has an image tab.

    Besides using the method you suggest doesn’t work either; Please let Tom have a look at this – he KNOWS exactly what I mean and how to make it happen;)))




    just for fun when adding this img tag:
    to the single-product.php file – the image is shown; Now I just need to make the path dynamic so it’s picked from the ‘sidehoved’ path – any idea?



    something like:

    <img src="product-<?php the_ID(); ?>">

    however I can’t find the param for the ‘sidehoved’ img…


    Tom Lead Developer

    Where would this image come from? Products don’t have a “Featured Image” option like regular pages.



    from the ‘sidehoved”billede’ in English ‘siteheader’ ‘image’ which is present below product details…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)

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