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    Sections question.
    I don’t like to fiddle with code. I am trying to figure out if this is something I can fix with the settings that come with GeneratePress.

    I put a section on a page. I put on a background image. The image does all the way to the left of the screen with no margin, but it doesn’t go all the way to the right. How do I ensure it goes all the way to the right?

    Sorry if this is a silly question.


    Spelling error:

    *The image GOES…


    See the issue here:

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Are you using the latest version of GP Premium/Sections?

    Looks like there’s a margin set on the <main> element, but this has been fixed in the latest versions.

    Let me know 🙂

    Joshua Aaron

    I’ve got the entire GP package with all add-ons activated.
    GP Premium Plugin Version 1.2.6
    GP Theme version

    Are those the latest versions?

    Joshua Aaron

    Looks like my email activation for updates isn’t working. I put in a ticket with my hosting to let the communication happen.

    Joshua Aaron

    I discovered that my host, and I quote, does “not allow plugins or themes which require time to time outbound connections to remote servers, but we can check if the plugin requires ‘only’ one time activation and enable it temporarily if the plugin fits into policy.”

    Does that make any sense to you? If so, is this plugin going to require these time to time outbound connections to remote servers? Or a one time activation and then the updates would be pushed in the same way as other updates on WordPress?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hmm, if your hosting won’t allow your website to check my server for the latest version number, you’ll have to manually update the plugin.

    You can do this by downloading the latest gp-premium.zip file.

    Then delete GP Premium from your website, and re-upload/activate the fresh file.

    Let me know if you have any issues 🙂

    Joshua Aaron

    I’ll do that. A couple questions, though.
    1. How often would you recommend I manually update? Do you find that you release an update on average ever X number of weeks/months?
    2. If I do this manually, will I lose all of my customization and have to redo them each time I install?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    1. Keep an eye on our development page: http://generatepress.com/category/development – I post about updates there. GP Premium is updated about once or twice a month.

    2. Nope – all settings are saved in the database, which isn’t touched when you delete a plugin. When you re-add the plugin, it will call on all of your settings from the database.

    Of course, it’s important to back up your database before any updates (WP, theme, plugin etc..).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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