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    how can i place a second Image in the Header?
    For Example, the Logo on the left Side and a Hotline-Image at the right Side.



    Hello Alexander,

    you can do this with your Header Widget. Go to Appearance > Widgets > Header
    You can add a text widget and place your image inside. Just add this to your text widget:

    <img src="http://youimagelink.com/image.png">


    Hi Jean,

    many thanks for the Info, this works!

    One more Question: On Mobile, the Widget stands above the Logo. What can I do that the Widget appears under the Logo?



    You can try this:

    1. Go into the Customizer, and remove your logo.
    2. Go into “Appearance > GP Hooks” and into the “Before Header Content” area.
    Paste this into the area:

    <div class="site-logo">
          <a rel="home" title="YOUR WEBSITE TITLE" href="YOUR HOMEPAGE URL"><img title="YOUR WEBSITE TITLE" alt="YOUR WEBSITE TITLE" src="THE URL TO YOUR IMAGE" class="header-image"></a>
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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