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[Resolved] 'Search' button hover translation, menu item not to link anywhere, space in foot

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    Carlos Paramio

    Hi Tom

    Let me ask you these questions (I have done a research in the forums but haven’t able to found a solution)
    I’m using GP Premium v1.2.7

    1. When you hover in Search button it isn’t translated to Spanish. I have taken a look at es_ES.po and it reads:
    #: inc/template-tags.php:309
    msgctxt “label”
    msgid “Search”
    msgstr “Buscar”

    Probably the correct line is 307? can I modify that by myself?

    2. I would like that some of the main menu options don’t link to anywhere or open anything, just hover on them and click in one of the submenu options

    Is it possible?

    3. How can I modify (reduce) the bottom space in footer widgtes, and the space between its title and content

    I have found something similar at
    but it changes spacing in all the widgets (sidebar), and I’d like to change them individually, if possible

    Thank you

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    1. Do you mean the navigation search button when you hover?

    2. Yes, create a new “Link” menu item, and simply put “#” in the URL field – this will make sure the item doesn’t link anywhere.

    3. What do you mean by “bottom space”?

    You can reduce the space under the widget title in footer widgets with this CSS:

    .footer-widgets .widget-title {
          margin-bottom: 30px;
    Carlos Paramio

    Thanks a lot Tom
    Great theme, easy to deal with even for newbies like me and the quickest support

    1. yes, the Search button in the navigation bar

    2. Worked

    3. I meant the empty space under the content of the footer. That CSS code is also very welcomed to modify the space between title and its content

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    1. Ah, found this bug – I’ve fixed it in the newest version. If you’d like the fix before the version is released, you can email me at with a temporary admin login and I can alter the file.

    3. If you have the Spacing add-on, you can reduce the padding on the bottom of the footer. If not, you can use this CSS:

    .footer-widgets {
          padding-bottom: 40px;

    Adjust the pixels to your liking 🙂

    Carlos Paramio

    Thank you for your superb support

    Don’t worry with #1, I can wait for the update.

    Finally found what was wrong with #3… I did changed up and down the Spacing add-on options a LOT of times with no results (same goes for the CSS you gave me), the problem was caused by a embedded Google Maps iframe… somehow it puts extra space under itself.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Glad you figured it out 🙂

    Thanks for pointing out that bug!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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