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[Resolved] Residual background color on sidebar widgets.

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    Finally getting near the end of the ecommerce site that’s been the inaugural build using GP.

    One thing that’s been odd since early on is that when the site is loading the sidebar widgets briefly flash a background color that wasn’t appropriate so it was changed.

    The color cannot be found anywhere in the CSS nor is it anywhere in the HTML.

    I finally found i listed in a couple of places in the SQL db.

    Before I go and edit the db and possibly cause damage is there an easier way to purge this color?

    It only becomes really noticable if the page loading is delayed due to a slow connection and/or if the page hasn’t been cached.

    As I’m now into the testing phase to finish off the site, this might not be the only glitch but we’ll see.



    Transferring theis WordPress site over to a new domain has left some old settings in the Customizer.
    Turns out that the errant colour is applied as a background to the sidebar widgets.
    Well this isn’t embarrassing…:)

    Sorry for the trouble.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    No worries! Glad you found the solution 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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