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    i read previous threads regarding similar issues but not the same.

    Made a page with title “Example” and added inside the content an H1 title “best example”.

    When i crawl the page with Screaming Frog, it finds 2 H1 title tags: the “correct” one which i placed intentionally and the “wrong” one which is the page title.

    To be fair and accurate, i noticed on smaller competitors that they use the page title as their H1 title tag. On the other hand, all the major global competitors do not show their page titles as H1/H2/etc and instead they have H1 titles inside the content. This is the result we want to reach.

    Is there any way we can stop the page title from creating an H1 title? Ideally, this would affect only pages and not other parts of the website.

    Thank you

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    just to cover the basics.
    By default the Content Title that you enter into your post or pages is automatically saved by WordPress as the the_title() and that function is output by the Theme as a <h1> on the single post / page. And as H2 on the post archives.

    If you want to add your H1 inside the content then you can disable the H1 content title from showing on single post / page front end.

    Option 1 – Disable Elements
    Enable the Module in Appearance > GeneratePress.
    Then within the page editor you can disable the Content Title on that specific page:


    Option 2 – Use a Layout Element to disable using Display Rules.
    With the Disable Element and Elements module enabled in Appearance > GeneratePress


    Create a new Layout Element.
    Disable the Content Title.
    And set your Display Rules > Location eg. Pages > All Pages

    That example will remove the title from ALL Pages.

    that the Content Title field is what generates the URL slug, its also used to display the title in Archive pages ( including search results ) and by default in the Title Tag of your site ( unless it changed using an SEO plugin or function ).

    So unless you specifically want to have a different URL slug to your displayed H1, then i suggest:

    1. You add the Title you WANT in the Content Title field provided.
    2. You use one of the Disable Element methods to remove the default H1 from the front end.
    3. Use either the core Post Title Block or the GenerateBlocks Headline Block inside your post content to dynamically display your Content Title.

    This way, the H1 title you’re now displying in your content is the same as the URL slug and the the_title that is saved in your database



    Tried really quick method 1 and worked perfectly!

    Much appreciated for the explanation!!! So much looking forward reading this kind of explanations!

    Thank you!

    Kindest regards

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome

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