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    Hi there,

    I have just installed your plugin to replace a ThemeForest Bodega. The bulk is crazy, so I am hoping to significantly reduce the load speed of my site.

    Can I just say thank you for making the theme so easy to navigate and extremely user friendly to make changes that tidy up the migration. I have a couple of things which I cannot work out, if you could help me please;

    1. I would like to add an overlay to the ‘featured’ images on the categories. The text would be different for each category, but there would be text on every one (except home). I cannot see how to do that.

    2. I have added an slider (using livemesh addons) to the home page, and reduces the spacing below the navigation menu, but I still have a large gap between the slider and the nav menu (presumably where the featured image would go), how can I reduce this?

    3. I cannot remove the duplicate ‘woocommerce tabs’ title. Description Tab also says description in the box.

    4. Is there a piece of custom CSS I can add which will add a top border to the footer widgets area? At the moment it merges with the rest of the page and I would rather not use a background colour to differentiate. 6.

    5. I have put a currency selector in the header section, but this has caused the logo to be off center. I am reluctant to use the spacing option to change the position of the logo in case it changes the responsive action. Is there somewhere you recommend putting the currency selector?

    6. Product page Woocommerce Tabs. Having full width content in this section makes the page quite messy. Is there any way I can adjust the product tabs so the tabs are on the left? See this page:

    This area is also encapsulated in thin borders, making it visually sectioned. Any way I can add this in or at least add a border above the ‘you may also like’ section?

    I appreciate your help. We are keen to switch your theme to our live environment as soon as possible. There are elements such as Feefo Reviews and Clearpay which I cannot connect in staging environment. Are you fully conversive with these two?

    Thank so much,

    p.s. I am not a developer, just a self taught business owner, so please advise the simplest solution in each case.

    Live site currently running on Theme Forest https://www.watsonandwolfe.com/
    Staging link provided also, where I am currently adapting to your theme.


    If it’s not possible to change the orientation of the product tabs, is it possible to style them like this, so they are clearer to the customer? The page is so messy without a depth limit or borders in this area.

    link to product tabs layout

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    thank you for the great feedback 🙂
    Thats a lot of questions for one topic, so lets try and tackle a few at a time.

    1. You can use the Header Element:


    You can set it to display the Featured image as Background, and place any content over the top of it. Watch the video in the doc above. Let me know if you need assist.

    2. When using a Pagebuilder on a page, we recommend setting the GP Page Builder Container to Full Width:


    This will also remove the Theme padding ( which is adding the top space ), you can then set Container Widths and Padding in the Page Builder.

    3. Remove the tab heading – add this PHP Snippet:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_description_heading', '__return_null' );


    4. Site Footer top border – is this CSS:

    .site-footer {
        border-top: 1px solid #ccc;

    5. Move the currency link. You could place it inside the Top bar widget area, or use this CSS to absolute position the Header Widget:

    .header-widget {
        position: absolute;
        top: 40px;
        right: 40px;

    Try them, and if ok we can move onto #6


    David, thank you. Apologies for the multiple questions.

    I have created the header, just some tweaking required to the content in there and then that should look super.

    With regards to the tabs in woo, I do not want to remove the tab header title, I want to remove the one that appears inside the container with the text content.

    The two pieces of CSS were perfect thank you.

    and point 6?


    Customer Support

    Try this:

    .woocommerce-Tabs-panel > h2 {
        display: none;

    Amazing, thank you Leo.

    It’s so refreshing to work with a theme where everyone knows what they are doing, support is fast and it’s great to use!

    Thank you to everyone there.

    Customer Support
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