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    Appearance > Customise > Blog > Content > Archive + Single

    Display post author” is unchecked.

    But still the author-name and author-box are displayed in a post.

    Shouldn’t those be removed ?

    Also are there any other steps to prevent author pages being discovered via sear or absolute paths etc ?



    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    that option only effects the standard post meta.

    1. Author name. You need to edit the Header Element and remove the {{post_author}} template tag
    2. The Volume Site uses a Custom Hook – in Appearance > Elements – delete the Author Box hook to remove it. Or you can can Quick Edit and change the Status to Draft to disable it.


    Ah I see, ok I’m starting to see more of how this structure works now.

    Thank you David.


    Customer Support

    Yeah – installing a Site when you’re new to GP can create a bit of confusion.
    Sites don’t just install theme settings – but mostly include Customizer > Additional CSS and can include Elements.

    And as general rule regarding hierarchy:

    1. Customizer settings applies globally.
    But as the Themes code is full of hooks – actions and filters you can change most pieces. For example the Blog Options filter:
    Now you can have a different layout for different archives.

    2. Elements
    Hooks and Headers are very similar except the latter comes with controls for designing Heros and ( without using filter ) always displays in the same place.
    Layout Elements allow you to make changes to some customizer settings. As well as apply Layouts and Disable things.

    3. Layout & Disable Element Metaboxes
    Both of these are in the post editor allowing you to make changes at a post level.

    When it comes to layouts: 3 beats 2 and 2 beats 1…..

    Hope that helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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