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    Hi there,

    I created a new WordPress site some days ago with GP Premium on a hand registered domain. Now I checked my website on MOZ and it says this: “You entered the URL (my site) which redirects to (unknown site that I don’t own). Click here to analyze (unknown site) instead.”

    I don’t know if it is related to Generate Press but would just be extremely thankful for some help. I am a beginner and seeing this redirect I never placed on my site made me very worried now. Can it be that my site got hacked when it is only online since less than one week?

    Thanks in advance,


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    if i do the SEO check on MOZ then i just get this message:

    Bummer! No data found for this domain
    Try another search or see data for one of the domains below.

    Which just means there isn’t any data it can mine



    I did the check on the MOZ Pro Link Research tool where I got the message of the redirect. Could it be that it gives me wrong results due to not having enough data yet?



    Hello. I think the previous owner redirected this website to another one. I suppose you still use the same hosting where the previous owner used it, am I right? My advice would be to take your own hosting, change the DNSs and have a fresh install.



    Thank you for the reply! I hand registered domain and bought hosting myself so it is rather weird but I will text my hosting provider then, maybe they can help.



    Max, go to your cPanel and check if you have any redirects there. If you have, you can change them or delete them. Image attached:



    Thanks for the idea but there is no redirects in my c panel. I actually think it might really be MOZ showing wrong data somehow.



    Aaah, okay. Now I realised you are talking about what Moz shows you…Haha, don’t worry about. I thought your website is redirected to another website without your permission. It is possible as MOZ to show an older report, it should be fine later if you allow search engines to find your website.
    Good luck with your project.


    Tom Lead Developer

    Hey Max,

    Looks like you set this to resolved – is it working now?



    Hey Tom,

    Yes MOZ replied me now that they don’t update that data all the time, sometimes every 3 months only so it is likely that the domain was owned once and MOZ still shows the redirect from back then. They say it won’t show anymore after their next update.

    Thank you for the great support! Especially since this issue wasn’t directly related to Generate Press I can see now.

    I really like working with your theme!


    Tom Lead Developer
Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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