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    I used to have a page called Quotes where you could find images(quotes), organised in a Jetpack Gallery.

    Now I have something in my mind, I want to change the way that quotes are organized on the Blog.
    I want a menu item called Quotes (Don’t know if a category). If you click on it there should be: A small masonry (I have medium masonry activated on entire site, so I need an “if” code, probably) with all images.

    -Each image should actually be a post (I don’t know what post format to use, showing, in order, from top to the bottom of excerpt: NO TITLE, Photo, Text, Tags).
    -Excerpt must NOT be clickable, but there should be Social Share Buttons and download options ON every image, when hover.
    -When one image is clicked, a lightbox should pop-up, again, with social buttons and download option on it.
    -On category masonry, on right-top corner, should be a widget (integrated in masonry, with no sidebar ugly space under it) with all the tags used for those quote images, organised in a tag cloud (topics for quotes). But only the tags used for images in THIS category, because if a identical tag is used for other article on other category on blog, that should be ignored.

    Do you have any idea how to make this happen? At least, a start point? :))

    It’s important to use GeneratePress’s masonry, and every image to count as a unique ‘post’ not a gallery.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Roxana,

    This would take a great deal of custom coding I’m afraid – much more than I can offer here.

    You can enable masonry on a specific category with code like this:

    function generate_blog_enable_category_masonry()
            // If we're on a category, enable masonry
    	if ( is_category('quotes') )
    		return 'true';
            // Otherwise, disable it
    	return 'false';

    Then you can hide the title and read more link:

    .category-quotes .masonry-post .entry-header,
    .category-quotes .masonry-post .read-more {
          display: none;

    The rest would definitely need custom coding I’m afraid.

    Hopefully the above is a good start 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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