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    Hello GP team!

    I have finally decided to switch from Beaver Builder and Elementor and rebuild most of my websites with GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks.

    Since most of the sites rely on Custom Fields and Custom Post Types, I need to be able to display such data. On the site that I’m rebuilding atm I have set CPTs and CFs with one of my favorite tools – Pods.

    I have managed to create a Layout Element template without any problems. Then I started working on a Bloc Element template for Content. I managed to pull most of the Pods custom data, but no luck with images (except for the featured image) and image galleries. I tried to fetch it by enabling Enable Dynamic Data/Current Post/Post Meta/field_name.

    I used GenerateBlocks Dynamic Image as well as GeneratePress Dynamic Image but without luck. Since every post has those, it is really important for me to solve this problem.

    In the past, for that same website, I used Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer in combination with Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. It worked really great, with excellent page speed results, but I wanted to find something with true Gutenberg support and all the WP creators I respect suggested either GP/GB or Bricks.


    Additionally, I would be really grateful if someone could explain how to display dynamic data (especially images) in the background. I really miss the possibility to see exactly what i am adjusting. Thanks.

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    Hi Marko,

    Using a GB Image Block to retrieve a Post meta image should work.

    May we know what version of GenerateBlocks you have?

    As for the Background image, you may use a GB Container Block. You can set a dynamic Background image there.


    Hi. Thanks for your response. I tried both without luck. Works fine for Featured Image and other (text, taxonomy, etc.) meta data, but not for image or image gallery.

    Did you have similar situations in the past, with customers that use Pods?

    GenerateBlocks Version 1.5.4
    GenerateBlocks Pro Version 1.3.0

    GeneratePress Version: 3.1.3
    GP Premium Version 2.1.2

    Customer Support

    Hi Marko,

    GB 1.6.0 and GB Pro 1.4.0 (they are now in rc stage, you should be able to download them by login in to GB account) should work with image field type, but it won’t work with the gallery, unfortunately.

    You can pull the image type field using a GB image block like this:


    Thanks for the info. That’s a bummer. I really need gallery. I am passing the link to one of the custom post type pages in the private are of the message so you can see why it’s so important.

    Do you know if this is even planned? Seems like a really important feature, at least to me. Galleries are so often used as CPT meta values, for a long time now.

    Of course, I’ll pay for another year of Beaver Builder and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder since there’s no GP+GB way of doing it. I hope this will change in the future.


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    Do you know if this is even planned?

    Not as I know as it gets too complicated.

    Is it possible to generate a shortcode for the gallery? It will be a question for the Pods plugin.


    Thanks for he suggestion. I found shortcodes that I need. Pods also has blocks of its own so that will help as well. Some styling issues occurred but I guess a bit of CSS will do the trick.

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    Awesome, glad to know 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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