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    Christian Pallase


    I created a Website


    with a fixed Background-Header-Image and a small Logo. When you scroll down the logo runs over the Background image. I like this effect.

    1. But I have two problems: This effect worls on PC & Notebooks (even Apple), but not on Tablets or Smartphones. Is it possible to let it run on Tablets & SSmartphones, too?

    2. It would be much easier, if the Background-Header-Image width would be exactly like the content width. But I can’t find a way to fix it like that.

    Thanks a lot.



    Hi Chris.

    1. When I scrolled the page on a mobile simulator the page rollup up over the fixed background image. Not sure if there’s something else you’re referring to?

    2. It appears that the header image is aligned vertically with the side width. Are you seeing something else?

    Christian Pallase

    Thank for Your answers.

    1. I tried it on iPad, Samsung-Tablett, iPhone and Android-Smartphone – and the page rollup doesn’t work. It is shown staticly.

    2. I think the problem is, that the Picture is aligned to the site width, but not to the content width (on http://segu-geschichte.de/ 1180 px).

    One more question: I tried a lot to get the slider on the start page in an own box and without margins. It only works for Customize/Page Header/Page Header Position/Above Content Area. But I want it in

    Customize/Page Header/Page Header Position/Inside Content Area and
    Customize/Page Header/Single Post Header Position/Above Content Area

    and it looks like on the page. The Page header is still inside Content Area with margins. What is wrong?

    Thanks for your help

    Adrian Cojocariu

    If it’s inside the content area you can’t really get it in a separate box. You can try with gp-hooks. See which one works best, you can add a div with a class and put the slider content inside there, then add css to remove margins.

    The only problem would be that it will appear on every page, so you will have to make it show only on the homepage.

    Christian Pallase

    Thank You for Your reply.

    But when I watch the second video on https://generatepress.com/downloads/generate-page-header/ it is no problem to put a slider above the content of a site without margins?!

    It doesn’t work on my site like it is shwon in the video.

    Who may help?




    If Tom doesn’t get this, I’ll try to help as soon as I get home man.


    You have some options there in the Page Header section / Content

    Like padding, have you tried playing out with that, and see if it works ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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