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    Laura Brown

    I really like using PressThis, I use it often. I also use a similar plugin, PressForward because it has the same bookmarklet which lets me add content from the web browser into WordPress. PressForward has other features which make it great. Anyway, I mention both of them because only PressThis has the problem and it happens on all my sites.

    PressThis will upload an image from another site to my own media library, which is great because I don’t like hot linking. However, PressThis will upload two images (the same image twice but one of them will be imagefile.png and the other will be imagefile1.png. Even though I only upload one image and link to imagefile.png my post seems to link to imagefile1.png instead.

    This is not causing a problem, except for a huge amount of clutter in my media library and I seem to be getting errors about the amount of memory I’m using for some of my sites.

    When I try to clean up the images it is a lot of time sucking work because all my links in the post are to the image file which I never actually loaded. I could delete all the images without a 1 added. But, sometimes I load more than one image and I call them imagefile1, imagefile2 and etc. So things are confusing and messy.

    I have looked for anyone else having this problem or someone offering a solution online. I can’t find help that way. So far. Could this image file name upload thing be anything connected to Generate Press or any of the add-ons? Just thought I would ask and see if anyone else has noticed the same thing here.


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Laura,

    It’s hard for me to tell because I don’t use those plugins.

    I know I fixed an image resizing bug in the upcoming version of GP Premium/Blog, so if you’re using that add-on, I can send you the latest version so you can test it and see if that previous bug was causing the issue.

    If you’re interested just shoot me an email to support@generatepress.com.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Laura Brown

    Doesn’t seem to be resizing, just renaming. I will keep digging and see what I can figure out. Thanks Tom.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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