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    Hello Support-Team !

    I have different kinds of posts (not pages)
    on my site:

    Examples under Patterns.
    These tend to be fairly brief.

    Q&As under Questions.
    These are always brief.

    These tend to be long.

    I know that it is possible to select excerpts for posts.
    But, as far as I know selecting that would reduce all
    posts on the site to an excerpt, meaning on my site whether
    the post is an Example, a Q&A, or an Anecdote.

    Is it possible to designate which kinds of posts
    appears as excerpts, i.e. just anecdotes?



    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    will you be using the GB Query Loop to show the posts and their excerpt?

    If so, then in the Query Loop Post Template you can add a Post Content block, to show the entire post content.


    Thanks, Dave.

    I’ll think I’ll hold off
    on this for now.

    Customer Support

    Let us know if you want to revisit, and if you need more detail


    Hi Dave,

    I do want to revisit this.
    In fact, I created a new topic yesterday on this.
    Then today stumbled across above.

    Here’s the situation:

    I have different kinds of posts on my site:

    — over 1k examples under Patterns
    — a whole bunch of Exercises
    — about 60 Q&As under Questions
    — roughly 30 posts under Anecdotes.

    And with luck there will be more coming
    of all of those types of posts.

    You can take a look at them via the menu:

    Patterns, Exercises, and Questions are brief.
    No need for them to be presented as excerpts.

    Anecdotes, however, are by their very nature longer,
    some of them long. I would like to present them as

    Is it possible to designate all anecdotes to be excerpted
    while leaving Patterns, Exercises, and Questions not excerpted?

    Above you ask about Query Loop. I read the GP/GB
    info about that but could not make heads or tails
    of it.


    Customer Support

    Hi John,

    It’s possible. Since this page is just a Static Page: https://understand-culture.com/anecdotes/ – you can directly add a GB Query Loop Block inside it.

    Then, you can use a GB Headline Block to retrieve the Excerpt. Reference: https://docs.generateblocks.com/article/dynamic-data-options-overview/#excerpt

    If you’re referring to something else, let us know.


    Fast again, Fernando.
    Thank you.

    You write:
    “you can directly add a GB Query Loop Block inside it.”

    What does that mean?
    I have no experience with Query Loops.

    Customer Support

    Hi John,

    Fernando is referring to the Query loop block of the GenetateBlocks plugin.


    Hello Ying,

    I experimented with Query Loop but simply
    could not figure out how it works.

    I know what the end-state looks like, however:

    All posts in Anecdotes excerpted:

    But only those posts. Not posts in Patterns,
    Exercises or Questions.

    Customer Support

    Sorry, I think I misunderstood. Are you referring to excerpts on specific category pages as opposed to this link: https://understand-culture.com/anecdotes/

    If so, the setting in Appearance > Customize > Layout > Blog > Content Type should affect that. Reference: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/blog-content-layout/#:~:text=Archives-,Content%20Type,-%E2%80%93%20Choose%20whether%20your

    There’s nothing in the categories linked in https://understand-culture.com/anecdotes/ that categorizes them as “Anecdotes” so setting them to show only excerpts dynamically unique from other categories would not be possible.


    Oh, I think I know what’s going on here, Fernando.

    The goal is to have all posts which are categorized
    as “anecdotes” displayed as excerpts.

    You write above:

    “There’s nothing in the categories linked in https://understand-culture.com/anecdotes/ that categorizes them as “Anecdotes”….”

    Could this be the reason . . .

    When creating an anecdote (as a post) I choose not to select the category “Anecdote”. In other words, “Anecdotes” does not appear as a category below the respective anecdote.

    Why? Because I like a minimalistic website. Users should know that they are in Anecdotes when they choose to read a specific anecdote. I provide only those categories which tell them where they are within the Anecdotes sections.

    Customer Support

    Ok, so i am a little lost 🙂

    I see in your Categories there is the Anecdote term that has a a slug of: anecdotes-list
    And there are no posts in that term.

    But the Anecdote term is a parent term, which has many child terms some of which have posts.

    So what posts exactly are the anecdotes ? is there an example URL for the single post ?


    Dave: “So what posts exactly are the anecdotes?”

    John: All of the posts accessible via the Anecdotes-directory:

    Dave: Is there an example URL for the single post?”
    John: https://understand-culture.com/2023/04/07/strange-black-man-2/

    The confusion might be based on my using this plugin
    in order to create the directories, including the
    directory for Anecdotes:


    Customer Support

    Ok, so:

    this post:


    is in the Agreements category term that is a child of Anecdotes

    So it shows up in this archive:


    And is it that archive page ( and all other agreement child term archives ) that you want to see just the excerpt instead of the full post ?


    We’re getting clarity, Dave.

    I would like excerpted all posts that are Anecdotes.
    Meaning any and all posts after: /anecdotes-list

    The confusion could be based on the fact that I
    have purposely not listed below each post the
    category “Anecdote”.


    Because as you know I like a minimalistic design.
    If folks choose Anecdotes from the menu, then
    choose Agreements from the topics, then they should
    know that it is an anecdote. No reason to list it
    as such.

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