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    Hi Tom
    I use a plugin called Justified Image Grid for my image galleries etc. It has several Lightbox options and one of them PhotoSwipe 4 is my preferred mobile option.

    At times, when it is displaying images on mobile devices and the device is moved from portrait to landscape the image flickers rapidly as if it cannot decide what size to be – maybe conflicting the theme trying to resize at the same time.

    It doesn’t happen every time and isn’t an issue on any other lightbox options.

    Looking at the scripts that are loaded this one looks a possibility for conflict

    Is there a way to stop this loading to do some testing?

    Any thoughts about this? i.e. is there a script you use that you consider may be in conflict?


    Tom Lead Developer

    That parallax script just creates a parallax effect for your page header areas – don’t see how it could conflict. Any reason you’re leaning towards that script?

    Deactivate the Page Header add-on to see if it is or not 🙂



    Only looking at that one as only one loaded by GP that sounded like it might conflict.
    Looking at others from jet pack.
    JIG author asked me to look at a few plugins in but we think it is probably the lightbox.
    Do you run a specific script that could conflict with resizing? I guess the lightbox is resizing as well as the theme when the device is rotated.


    Tom Lead Developer

    There’s an image resizer in Page Header/Blog, but it wouldn’t conflict with a javascript lightbox.

    Best thing to do is try another theme and try without plugins to narrow it down.



    I’m nervous about switching themes – how certain can I be that everything will be as-it-is when I switch back to GP?


    Tom Lead Developer

    Pretty certain – everything will still be in the database and your files will remain.

    Take a backup if you’re worried – never a bad idea to take full backups once in a while anyways 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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