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    I just purchased GP Premium with the intention to rebuild my site with GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks, for a faster site. A portfolio is crucial to me so I’m searching for GeneratePress portfolio options in my dashboard and in this Support forum, but cannot find any. In this forum I find suggestions to try various portfolio WordPress plugins that I can find myself, from other developers, but no recommendation of a couple of equaliy lightspeed portfolio plugins that you know will work smoothly with GeneratePress.

    I don´t mind rebuilding my portfolio from scratch once again but that takes a lot of time, so trial and error-buildning different portfolio plugins is not so tempting. Also, if I find a plugin that works perfectly with GeneratePress, how will that impact the site’s loadingspeed?

    Is there something obviuos about this that I’m missing or don’t seem to understand?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately we don’t have a specific recommendation for a portfolio plugin.

    However, if a plugin is well-coded and built to work with WordPress themes, it will work with GeneratePress.

    As for the impact on performance, it’s really impossible for us to tell.

    The best way to determine that is to run your site through speed tests before and after implementing the plugin.

    Let me know if this helps 🙂


    Hi Leo,

    I’m a designer, not a web developer, and I’m new to GeneratePress so I cannot judge which lightweight portfolio plugin that would work with your pagebuilder/theme or not. It doesn’t make sence to me to add another theme than GP to my site to get a portfolio, nor a plugin that I don’t know will work with GP and is lightweight. I’ve spent several hours browsing and trying to find a solution so I’d really appreciate your help here.

    I’ve drafted the pages and portfolio I have in mind. Please have a look here https://prntscr.com/vvgxpz and here https://prntscr.com/vvgxt2. I’ve found the Pods, WP Show Posts and Post Types Order plugins. Do you think that it would be possible to build a portfolio that I have in mind with these plugins and still keep the site lightweight = fast loading?

    Customer Support


    Like Leo said, we don’t have any specific recommendations as we’re not actively developing or looking for such plugins.

    We’re not actually asking to get another theme. 🙂 What Leo meant was if a plugin was built to work for the Default WordPress themes, it should work well with GeneratePress too. 😀

    But here’s to helping you out on the specific:

    PODs + WP Show Posts can actually can work.

    Here’s what you can do in simple steps:

    1.) Create a Porfolio page
    – This page will display your portfolio link.

    2.) Create a custom post type “Portfolio” with Pods.
    – This will allow you to make posts under “portfolio” taxonomy which we can use on WP Show Posts.

    3.) Create a WP Show Post list with your desired style which only displays posts from the custom post type “portfolio” taxonomy.
    – If you’re using the Pro version, you can pick the card styles. Here’s a demo of these card these:
    – As for displaying custom post types, You look around or ask for help on WP Show Post Support forum https://wpshowposts.com/support/area/pro-support/

    4.) Place the WP Show Post list on your Portfolio page.
    – you can do this with the WPSP short code.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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