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    Hi! This is a website built with VINYASA, from site library.

    This website is in French and English.
    Since the client is French, I started with French as main language, but all contents are to have an English version too.
    So I installed POLYLANG plugin to help me on the task.

    Since I used Vinyasa as the starting point, and built from there, everything went just ok until I discovered that the pages I translated to English were not (and stil aren’t) displaying the PAGE HEADERS element.
    Then, I tried to duplicate the elements to English. No success. Then I deleted the duplicated elements. No success.
    Then I found out this “tick” on Elements >>> Display Rules >>> Ignore Languages. I ticked. But still no success.
    To complicate things a bit, since I tried to solve this, I totally lost the displayed image for English AND French. So, at the moment, the Page Headers element policy is not being displayed in ANY PAGE.

    Is this a bug? Do you have an idea on how to solve this?
    Thanks in advance.


    No help need after all! I found out the problem πŸ™‚
    Working perfectly.

    Customer Support
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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