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    The phone number needs to be at the top of the header, with the secondary menu on the right and the phone number on the left. In tablet and mobile mode I want the phone number visible all the time, and separate from the hamburger menu icon.
    Looking at other forum posts I have tried:

    1. Adding the a tag with the phone number as a custom link to the secondary menu. This puts the phone number with the other menu items. Not ideal, but works for desktop mode. In tablet or phone mode the phone number is lost within the hidden menu, revealed only when clicking the hamburger menu icon, so not the solution.

    2. Adding GP “Elements”, hooks – inside_mobile_header. The inside_mobile_header hook with a div set to 100% width and a tag with phone number produces the phone number in mobile mode only.

    3. Adding GP “Elements”, hooks – before_header hook. This seems to be the workable option, it sits between the secondary menu and the primary menu.

    I am new to generate press, and on the whole impressed. It is missing a way to get this fairly standard setup with phone number on the same line as secondary menu in desktop, and split on mobile. Also we need social icons to link to social accounts in a similar position, next to the phone number.

    Can the phone number and social icons be considered for the customiser please?

    I have not provided a URL, as its a temporary one and locked for viewing, it can be provided by private message.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    what is the plan for the primary and secondary navigations on mobile ?

    I am thinking maybe the Top Bar widget area may make the whole thing simpler.

    You can supply a link privately – by editing your original topic and using the Site URL field, you can include user id and password within the URL.


    URLs added. The current live site and the dev url.

    I was wanting a secondary menu, but will go with just the phone number with social icons in the top bar.

    I have used the top bar also the header widget areas.

    I have now sorted the social icons, installed the font awesome plugin and put into the top section.

    Customer Support

    You can add a Nav Widget to the Top Bar.
    Then i would suggest using the Off Canvas Panel for the Mobile menu. This provides its own menu location so you could add a Combined primary/secondary menu within.
    Its also better suited for long menu structures.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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