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    Rohan Verma

    Hello Team,
    We are using Qurely loop block on our homepage and the pagination there shows “previous then 1,2,3,4.. next”. But we just want to show Next and previous. Please help.

    Our current pagination: https://postimg.cc/gLrFqW2h
    What we want: https://postimg.cc/2qJ48dBf

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    select the Query Loop Pagination block, then open the List View – you will see it contains 3 blocks. Select the Page Numbers block and Delete it.

    Rohan Verma

    Great that worked. Can we make the Previous to left and Next text to right of the screen. Currently they both are align to the left.

    And another thing. I am using two Query loop on the homepage, and using pagination for the second query loop only. When I click next, the top Query loop also shows up. I just want the second query loop to load when someone click next or previous.


    Customer Support

    Hi Rohan,

    For the alignment, try adding this in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

    .home .gb-query-loop-pagination > *:last-child {
        margin-left: auto;

    As for the second inquiry, to clarify, are you referring to removing all the main body content of your site when on pages 2 and above of your Query Loop?

    Rohan Verma

    No as you can see on our homepage we are using 2 query loop. First one don’t have the pagination and second one has pagination. When someone click next page, it shows both the query loop. I want the second query loop on next page and so on.

    Customer Support

    To resolve the issue with the 2 x Query Loops you would need to change how that page is created.

    1. The home page needs to be set to display the Latest Posts, NOT a static page.
    2. Create a Block Element – Loop Template:


    2.1 In this element add your second query loop block with the Pagination.
    2.2 In the Query Loop Blocks options select the Inherit query from Template option.

    2.3 set the Element > Display Rules to Blog ( and if you want you can set it on your Archives too )

    At this point your home page will only show the main query loop with the pagination.

    3. For the ‘featured’ posts section, add that to the page using a Block Element to hook it in before the loop.

    It will need some code to remove it from Paginated pages.

    Let me know

    Rohan Verma

    Okay I will try that out soon. Anyway the main pagination issue has been fixed. So closing this thread.
    Thanks again

    Customer Support
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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