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[Resolved] Page not displaying on Chrome on ipad

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    This page is showing OK on our ipads in chrome and safari

    This page is OK in safari but the images do not display in chrome. The captions are there and the click thru to carousel is there.

    I have re-created the page and it fails in the same way.

    Seems OK on Android chrome on my samsung.

    On both pages (colour and Black and White) on chrome there is a message below the bottom menu bar
    !–requires Spacing 0.9 or GeneratePress 1.1.10–>

    As the colour page is OK I don’t see that this is causing the issue but why is it there?

    Any ideas?

    So far as I can see the code on both pages is the same except for the image ids.

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    Very wierd. If I replace the image ids with colour image ids it works fine.
    If I change to a different gallery layout the images show up.
    Clearly not your issue but baffling.
    Is the same on two ipads here. Am updating all ipad sw.

    What does this message mean?
    !–requires Spacing 0.9 or GeneratePress 1.1.10–>

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    That’s a broken HTML comment – it looks like something I added to the equal heights topic for that code.

    Go to “Appearance > GP Hooks > wp_footer” and delete the comment from the code.


    I removed the comment – thanks.
    I have tested the ‘not working properly on ipad’ issue more and nobody can see the b&w images using chrome among my friends but only two use chrome.
    I have posted asking for help but could you re-try as per the updated post when you have time and let me know?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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