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    I am urgently trying to create an off canvas menu, with widgets (and with 2 test menu items too) but cannot get it to work. There is nothing visible, no hamburger or overlay, even when set to overlay for all screens.

    I confirm that the GP theme and plugin are up to date. Though I am using Local by Flywheel, on my 2017 Mac, I have created a small test menu in the identical online site (url below) for you to see. I confirm I have cleared the browser cache and deactivated a cache plugin. There is a cache on the hosting, but if that was the problem it would work locally on my computer, and it doesn’t. I confirm the menu is allocated to the Off Canvas in menus. GP MenuPlus is activated. As you’ll see, I’m not otherwise using a menu yet, just a widget sidebar.

    I can’t even see it appearing in the html.

    Please have a look and suggest what I can do!

    Thank you



    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    so the Off Canvas Toggle appears by default in the Primary Navigation.
    So do you have the Customizer > Layout > Primary Navigation –> Location set to anything apart from No Navigation?



    Hi David

    It was set to left sidebar, but it’s now set to No Navigation, as you suggest. (Off Canvas is not an option.)

    I still see nothing. Is there something that could be hiding or clashing with it? Is there something that turns it on and chooses where the hamburger goes?

    Grateful for some help. Simon.


    David Customer Support

    Can you set the Primary Navigation location to below header or above header.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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