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    I just tried to create a site header using Head element. But I could not see much flexibility there. Then I uploaded a template site which is ‘Marketer’. Then I see zero option to edit things to my design concept. All I purchased this premium theme is because I wanted to have a very good page builder. Also, once I uploaded this site template, no longer do I see the Elements on my dashboard. It disappeared like magic.

    Am I missing something? Please let me know what I can do in order to design a site header from scratch. I don’t need the run-of-the-mill site templates.

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    Hi Minhaz,

    What sort of Header are you wanting to achieve? For reference, here are instructions on how to create some sample Headers commonly used for websites: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/header-examples/

    Some templates don’t use the Elements module, so it disables it for optimization. You can re-enable it through Appearance > GeneratePress though.

    Most common Headers can be easily done through GeneratePress. If it can’t we’ll be here to assist with custom CSS if it’s doable.

    With that said, can you provide a reference site that has the ideal Header you have? Or, if you have a sketch/mockup of the Header, can you share it here?


    Looks like I am being able to build up a header only after I installed the GenerateBlocks plugin, which I installed after I posted my concern in this forum. The header I am up to is a very basic three column header: logo on the left, site title in the middle, and the navigation on the right. (It’s to note that it’s my very first attempt at using a page builder.)

    Here’s my site (which is still in its experimental stage): http://potterywheelsreview.com/

    Btw, how to discard the the site template I initially chose and replace it with another one, or start the site design from scratch without following a template?



    Looks like the Elements that comes wired into the premium theme is totally useless. I came to this conclusion after I tried to build a header using the Header element. I could not even place the header elements (logo, title, nav) side by side. They go one under another, which is ridiculous. GenerateBlocks makes some sense, but it seems too limited. For example. My site title has an underline which is totally undesirable and which I can not get rid of without maybe some CSS. Also, there’s no option for fonts or styling the site title.

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    You can design such a Header without using a Block Element – Site Header. There would be a need for a little custom CSS, but we’ll assist you with this.

    To Remove your template, simply go to Appearance > GeneratePress > Site Library once more, and remove it from there. Reference: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/removing-imported-site/

    To achieve such a Header, delete or set your Block Element – Site Header to draft, and the go to Apperance > Customize > Layout > Primary Navigation, and set the Navigation Location to float right. We’ll proceed with the CSS afterwards.

    GenerateBlocks is our free add-on plugin which is very useful in conjunction with Elements.

    You’ll find plenty of instances of the use of Elements here: https://www.youtube.com/@GeneratePress/videos

    See this for instance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAleVWQi5EA

    Here are other documents for uses of Elements:


    There are plenty of other uses.

    Contrary to other Drag and drop Page Builders, we use greatly utilize Hooks for efficiency and optimization. This is one of the factors why we pride our theme as one of the Fastest themes out there. Reference: https://generatepress.com/fastest-wordpress-theme/

    As for the Fonts, you can style them through the Typography module. See: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/dynamic-typography-overview/

    There should be a Site Title target element there.


    Thanks for explaining. I’ll soon give it another try using the tips you’ve provided.

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    You’re welcome Minhaz! Feel free to reach out anytime you’ll need assistance!



    Hope you’re doing great. By the way, whatever editing I’m doing on my Site Title (color, text weight, text size etc.) is not updating. When I click ‘Update’, it goes without issue. But when I view the site on my browser, the change does not reflect. Only the original title styling that came with the site template persists. For example the site title that you can see upon clicking my site link below was red in editing mode, but it’s still showing in black on the site.


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    Any chance you can open a new topic for the new question?

    Looks like the original topic is already resolved.


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