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    Hi generatepress team , I am a happy customer of your theme .
    I am satisfied with design i wanted to achieve . It is such a eternal happiness to a non techie like me .
    Three questions i have :
    Q1 : How to get that heart shape icon in footer like your website .
    Q2 : I want to build a forum just like this one . Please help (which plugin )
    Q3 : I am happy with the last version . Is there a need to jump GP 3.0 ? I am scared with past updates … I got some errors .. I really had no errors in front end but i got structured data error in console . Somehow again i could recover everything !
    Q4 : How to change HIGHLIGHT colour in the theme ?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Q1: We are using an SVG icon:

    Q2: We are using bbPress plugin:

    Q3: We always recommend using the latest version but it’s up to you. Nothing should change when you update. And you can just keep using the float version instead of the new flexbox version as well.

    Q4: What do you mean by the highlight color?

    Please try to keep one question per topic in the future if you can:


    Sorry Leo , I will ask one question at a time next time .
    Okay coming to question no 4 .

    Highlight colour means – When i try to select any word on front end of my website , i want to change that colour

    Customer Support

    Like to change the blue color here?

    If so that’s determined by the browser as far as I understand.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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