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    I would like to try and build a new static homepage, that is visually very nice. I’d like a full-width picture if possible on the top half, with a lead in magnet (button) in the middle, then a few category buttons and popular posts/thumbnails below.

    How do you recommend I build this? Do I just go to Pages +Add new? or is there is builder or something I should use?

    Ideally I want something like this:

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    ok, the basics i use for building a landing page:

    1. Install the GenerateBlocks plugin … see notes regarding query loop below before doing so:

    2. Add a new Page.

    3. Set the Content Container to Full Width:

    You now have a Full Width page that has no padding.
    Split your page into sections using the GB Container Block.
    Each Container Block you can set the Inner width or leave it as default to match the theme, add padding ( required ) and set background colors etc.

    Then use the GB Grid, Headline and Buttons block to create your page content. They all have a tonne of styling options built in.

    The Posts Lists.
    In GenerateBlocks 1.5 we have added a Query Loop ( and Image ) Block that will allow you to build the various post lists:

    We’re in the last stages of Beta, so there should be no breaking changes just bug fixes between now and it stable release which we plan for by the 20th June ( maybe sooner 🙂 )

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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