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    Hi i am working on doing the Transparent menu on a test site i am playing with to get use to using the theme so i can do this on other sites i use it on..

    I used the home page settings set t0 transparent and i do have this working on the home page here using Beaver Builder and a slideshow pulling images in from Smugmug.

    I am trying to do the same for other pages but using a single top image pulled in from Smugmug.
    I have it working by adding css into BB for that page but i am having a problem with a white top area i can not get rid of.
    Using this code
    .smug-bg-image2 {
    background-image : url(;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-size: cover;

    This seems to be a area in that it seem i much put something into in the page admin content settings area to be able to see and use the advanced settings for that page.

    How can i get rid of the top white are on this page i think it might not show if i was able to just set the advanced settings for that page with out adding something into the content settings area. I only have a . put in just to be able to access the advanced settings.

    also for a adding a top image to make all this more easy it would be great if you could add in a area in the page so i can just add in the web link to the image as a option i want to use then i would not need to use the css to bring in a outside image making this more easy

    Also can you please add in a CSS area in the customizer that will let me add in css that covers all pages globaly as well.or is their a place to do that?. Thanks


    If you remove padding for this element you can see there is the default blurb behind your picture, I would suggest cleaning all this up before having anther look at what the problem is…..

    See the screenshot with padding removed from this element:

    Perhaps I can look again once you have cleaned up the page….



    Ignore that last comment in my haste I missed the problem, If you look at the screen shot below you will see I have a pointed an arrow to a small dot, this is a . in font size 17px that is causing the problem, remove that “white dot” (black while highlighted….) and you should be ok…



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    It looks like you got this figured out? πŸ™‚


    I am new to generate press and using Beaver Builder. Is there a way I can make the header transparent with the Beaver Builder row behind the menu. I am a gp premium user, but I don’t want to use the header add on when I already have beaver builder to handle it. How can I accomplish this?

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    Hi there,

    This depends, your navigation would have to be inside the header, and your header would have to be absolutely positioned.

    Can you link me to an example page?


    Sure. I am working on it right now at

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    So you would want to add this CSS only in pages where you want it to happen. Our Simple CSS plugin adds a metabox to your pages so you can do this.

    .site-header {
        position: absolute;
        width: 100%;
        left: 0;
        z-index: 500;
    #site-navigation .main-nav li a {
        background: transparent;

    Let me know πŸ™‚


    So it’s on a page by page basis? No way to do it site wide?

    By chance do you guys also have a child theme?

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    You can do it site-wide, but if you have a page that doesn’t have a header like your Beaver Builder pages, it won’t look very good.

    For site-wide CSS, add it to “Appearance > Simple CSS”.

    For sure, here’s our blank child theme:

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