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    Matt Singh

    I want a page with containers on it. A second blog page would be perfect. Can I do this without having to get into the code? I know next to nothing about PHP, JavaScript, CSS.

    Matt Singh

    I think my first statement is too vague. What I mean is, that I want to do more with the page. Like maybe have two or three columns. Or columns of containers (buy container I mean a box to hold text and an image). I know very little about WordPress or coding for the web.



    You have some options to achieve what you are looking for and you can start with the links below before you get a more qualified answer.



    Agressively support the kind of work you want to see. Buy it. Talk about it. Review it.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Perfect advice Jamal 🙂 Thank you!

    Matt Singh

    Thanks for your replies.

    The plug-in, Lightweight Grid Columns, is outdated (compatible up to 4.2.8). Will it work with the current version of GeneratePress and WordPress?

    In any case, I am working with a plug-in called Live Composer that is offered as a “Front-end page builder for WordPress with drag and drop editing.” I’ve had success getting my page to look the way I want it to using it, however, now I am concerned that my word press website will break next time the theme or WordPress is updated. Any thoughts?

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    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    The plugin works on the latest version – I just need to update the stable tag.

    No need to worry about plugins breaking, just keep an eye on things when you update, and be sure to check changelog/support forums when updates are released to make sure everything updated smoothly.


    Matt, how do you like using Live Composer with GP? Does it work well? Can I see your site? I’m considering using LC and GP together for a new site…

    Matt Singh

    Michael, I haven’t had much time to work with my WordPress website or Live Composer so I don’t really know what the full range of possibilities is. Live Composer helped me to add some columns to a page. It was pretty much a drag and drop, what you see is what you get experience. It didn’t seem to give me super precise control over the positioning of the features, but that could well be due to my lack of knowledge. I can say that it installed very easily as a plug-in and doesn’t seem to be overly complicated. I’d say have no fear about checking it out. I’ve also noticed that my hosting provider is offering up plug-in tool that operates like Live Composer, called Bold Grid. I think it’s also available from the developer’s website, but it still may be in beta.

    As far as letting you see my website goes, it is still on a local server and not available to be viewed. I’ll try to remember to contact you once I get it up somewhere for all to see.

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    Checkout Beaver Builder, I think the free lite version will do everything you want…


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    beaver builder is very good, but now I’m intrigued by this bold grid that you mentioned!

    Matt Singh

    Beaver Builder is expensive. Live Composer is free, open source with third-party extensions. I look forward to checking out bold the grid. I have InMotion for my hosting provider. Currently the only way to get BoldGrid seems to be to purchase a hosting plan from InMotion


    I see that. I signed up on their site for announcements and such. Using BB on another site and I like it a lot. Yes, it’s a premium page builder, but it works well and there’s a lot of 3rd party development happening.


    <quote>Beaver Builder is expensive.</quote>
    I did mention that there is a lite free version?
    Check it out and you will be hooked.
    And the $99 for the full version is worth every cent.
    With the number of sites I develop the $99 fades into insignificance…
    The combo of Beaver Builder and GeneratePress is the perfect solution for my WP development
    HTH, Dave

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