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    Hi I have just asked you about an annoying glitch concerning my tables not aligning on command and now I have discovered two more unexplained errors.

    First of all an older post appeared at the top of my ‘recent’ posts without me ticking the box to request it. I unticked the box to remove it and that seems to work.

    Then I realized one of my featured images from another new post had disappeared. When I tried to renew it, the file was a PNG.

    I uninstalled it, converted it to a jpg and uploaded a new one. It loaded as a png again.

    I cleared my chrome browser and cookies, signed back in, changed the file name, uploaded the jpg file, and yet again it says png.

    Can you tell me what is happening please and help me to fix things?


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    looks like youre site is using Ezoic and its optimizations which is converting your images to PNG.
    You will need to ask Ezoic how to stop that.


    Thanks David,
    I have messaged Ezoic for help, but can I ask a supplementary question without resubmitting another ticket?

    Ezoic has reduced my site speed and have a list of other plugins that are impacting my score. One of them is Generate Blocks.

    My question is, what happens if I deactivate and remove the plugin?

    I had a guy remove Beaver Builder and remake my homepage. He used Generate blocks.

    Am I safe to deactivate it? Will it screw up my site?


    Customer Support

    If you remove the Plugin then the layout will break, you will just be left with the raw HTML and its content.
    But i can guarantee you the issue is not related to GenerateBlocks. GB only outputs the minimal HTML and CSS required for your layout. Even if you hand coded that design it would be no lighter then what GB creates.

    Your main issue is Ezoic and Adverts – they absolutely tank a sites performance.

    Aside from that you could make other improvements:

    1. in Customizer > General switch the ICON Type to SVG. The different will be negligble but its less font requests being made.

    2. Load Google Fonts locally:

    This will remove 3rd party DNS lookups and requests.

    Theres probably others – but whilst you have Ezoic injecting ad scripts into your site you won’t really notice much improvement.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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