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    I’m not sure what is wrong my site https://competitionwebsites.co.uk/ is acting strange.

    If you open it in Chrome and Firefox it get different things regarding the logo. Also the secure padlock is on Chrome and not FF.

    Other things that are happening, I’ve edited the Paragraph font size to 19px but it’s not working on the site. It keep going back to the 1em that is used in the body tag.

    I removed any customer CSS i had just to see if that was causing the issue, it wasn’t so I added it back.

    I know I could do an override to get the P tag font size working, but i’m not sure what I can do for the logo thats not appearing.

    Any ideas ?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    go to Site Identity and add your Logo to the Retina Logo field.

    The other issues is because you have Bootstrap CSS installed on the site which is overriding the themes CSS. I am not sure why you would need to use Bootstrap in the build, when GenerateBlocks provides you will full styling controls over your content..


    I find generate blocks producing a shocking amount of code to just add simple things.

    I’ll try the suggestion on the logo.

    thank you.


    Do the blocks work in Classic Editor?
    I don’t see them as an option.

    Customer Support

    Blocks are only available in the Block Editor.

    GB only writes the CSS it uses on that page. If no GB blocks are added then no CSS is generated. And it requires no JS.

    The Dev site generates 500 lines of GB generated CSS on the landing page, this can be minimzied further with GB Pro and Global Styles.

    To put that into perspective, BootStrap adds over 10,000 lines of CSS whether you add one element or a hundred, plus it adds a couple of thousand lines of Javascript…..


    I tried it out there and found it impossible to use. Too frustrating, grids jumping around when you add a paragraph,

    Also not being able to add the blocks in classic editor didn’t help me.

    Customer Support

    Sorry I’m a bit confused about what the issue is here.

    Have we resolved the logo issue?

    The Gutenberg editor definitely takes a bit to get used to but I find using the block navigation is the key to success.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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