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    Allthough I have used GP in many sites, its my first experiment trying to use it in a woocommerce site, so I will need some help.

    Is there some way I can have a login / register link with either an ajax or popup login next to the cart icon in the menu? (maybe a popup using elementor)

    I am also not sure what exactly the theme can handle, woocommerce wise.
    i.e. Is there some option a loged in user will see someware the “My account” link?



    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    You will need a membership plugin first then we can likely add it in the menu using a custom link and position it with some CSS.

    We can help with the CSS part once the other parts are ready.

    Let me know 🙂



    Thanks for your reply Leo.

    Any membership plugin that has been already used / implemented with GP and is recommended?

    By the way in the menu options (where you add menu items) there are some options (Orders, Account Details, Logout, Lost Pass etc). That can be added to the menu.
    I have to mention that in my case they don’t work (when I add them their links are dead).
    I was thinking though if there is any way to utilize those in case to achieve what I initially asked you.

    Also, any ideas on the second part of my initial post?



    Leo Customer Support

    I think WP Members it the popular one:

    All WordPress plugins should work with GP though.

    I am also not sure what exactly the theme can handle, woocommerce wise.
    i.e. Is there some option a loged in user will see someware the “My account” link?

    The theme itself only handles the visual part of WooCommerce and doesn’t interfere with WooCommerce’s core functionalities.

    Once you assign a page to be My Account page within WooCommerce:

    You can then add it as a menu item like Prime:



    Thanks Leo
    I think I will need your assistance tomorow to add it as a menu item.
    I will try to check “prime” first but I’m afraid I can’t import it at the current site to check it as I have already done some work and would like to keep it as is.


    Leo Customer Support

    GP just uses the default WordPress menu system so there shouldn’t be any special methods needed.

    Here is more info if you need:

    Definitely not asking you to import Prime. Just using it to show the My Account example.



    Hi Leo,

    I can add it to the menu. The thing is that I will need some help in order to place it next to the cart menu item and style it accordingly.
    I will soon be back for it 🙂




    Hello Leo,

    I have added the “Χρήστης” menu item, including some user related submenus (login, logout, my account etc).
    Can you please help me move it after the cart menu item (as in Prime) and if possible give me its selector so I can style it different than the rest menu items. (Is there some way to exclude it from the “on hover underline”?)

    By the way I used the “Ultimate Member” membership plugin as it supports Greek out of the box. Just mentioning it here for future reference.



    Leo Customer Support


    Thanks Leo!
    All your instructions were to the point.
    You can see the result if you want.


    Leo Customer Support

    Looks good!

    Glad I could help 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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