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    Hi guys,
    I use GB Pro with GB Blocks pro and this is why we can shut on/of site elements easily.
    In the site option panel we have the tap for layout adjustments, top bar, header, pagetitle and so on.
    Anyway which template I load, I cannot hiding the page title by clicking. All other options will work, so I can hide header, topbar and so on.
    Just the page titel will be not ed´fected by this click option. Why? What I’m doing wrong, or which kind of surcomstances will break or stopping these feature?
    Interessting thing is, that the start page will also ignoring these hiding option, but the title is already hidden but can’t also be showing.
    On a other WebSite I use the Agency Template and here works everyhing correct. Ok, is an different srever, but with the same setup and WP is also in the same condition.
    What Iäm trying to reach is, bring back the click function to hide by clicking when I want. Does not work.
    Thanks for any solution.

    Customer Support

    Can you link me to the page where we can see the page title?

    As if you are using a block element to represent the title, it can not be controlled by the disable elements in the post/page editor.

    Let me know!


    Hi Ying,
    here are the link to team page with page title that has to be hiding. But it’s always showing.

    (This site is behind a maintenance / coming soon mode, so to access the page without login, you have to add “?preview-full-site” to all links for showing.


    Customer Support

    Do you mean the Team langer titel title?

    If so, it is the case that I mentioned in my last reply.

    You can remove this H1 by going to appearance > elements > Global, addpage > this specific page to the exclude list.


    Ok, and how can I reach my goal? I ask for the solution not for real surcumstance that I already know.

    Customer Support

    Hi Petra,

    That’s the solution if you wish to disable the Title. You’ll need to first Exclude the specific page from the Display Rule settings of the Block Element as mentioned by Ying. Only then will “Disable Elements – Content Title” work.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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