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    Heya all,

    Something strange just happened. A new post build in the Gutenberg blocks system has gone live.

    The thumbnail on the homepage looks good and in line with the rest. This is a WP Show Posts list.

    But on the Category listing the thumbnail of the featured image is not what it should be.

    What has changed? Am I doing something wrong?

    Adventurous greetings,

    Customer Support

    Hi there.

    can you go to Customizer > Layout > Blog –> Featured Images what do you have in the Width and Height values ?


    Featured Images
    on Archives

    Media Attachment Size


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    This is due to how 1.10.0 resizes images. We no longer use a bulky image resizer to actually crop the image: https://generatepress.com/gp-premium-1-10-0/

    In this case, you’ll want to create your own image size and set it as the Media Attachment Size: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/adding-image-sizes/


    Okay, I will look into this soon. Thanks for you feedback!


    Okay…. here it goes… I have some time on my hands again for our website maintenance…

    I take a deep breath and dive into this..

    I open a Categorie listings page on our website, and to my horror, I see not only the thumbnails that are all wrong (as expected) but also the title has gone missing????

    I reread the comments of David and Tom above, and I understand things have changed in GP.


    Just before I wanted to read all about those extra plugins or generating thumbnails stuff, I played a bit with the values again on: Customizer > Layout > Blog –> Featured Images

    It was set at 750 x 450 and showed strange looking thumbs on the tall side..

    I now have changed the long side to 750 x 200 and the thumbs all of a sudden look way more presentable the way I want them to look..

    So I am happy with not having to change anything on the programming or plugin side!


    What has happened with the title? I have no idea where the titles (and link) went?


    Can you please push me in the right direction?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Do you have any Layout Elements added to the site?: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/layout-element-overview/

    If so, are any of them disabling content titles?


    Hey Tom,

    Elements isn’t even active on our site.

    This is done before that even came into existence…

    Strangely thought “Disable Elements” is active… But I can’t find the elements?

    I do have this code in the GP Hooks / Inside Content Container :

    <?php if ( is_category() ) : ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Not sure if this has something to do with it?


    Actually…. Maybe my title is wrong….

    I now see that the thing actually might not be a category page, but an Archive?

    I made the changes under: Customizing / Layout / Blog / Content / Archives

    Then I made some changes in CSS, to get rid of the Excerpt and the Read More with this:

    /* =Hiding excerpt under images
    ------------------------------------------------------- */
    .entry-summary {
        display: none;
    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    If Elements isn’t activated, then look for this filter in your custom functions: generate_show_title

    It’s likely set to false somewhere.


    Where do I find the custom functions?

    I mean if you meant the Simple CSS… I looked. There is no mentioning…

    And they just vanished like that.. I have no recollection of adding any CSS that could have make that happen?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    It would be PHP as the actual HTML is being removed from the page.

    That can only be done in three ways:

    1. A Layout Element set to disable the content title.
    2. A custom PHP function using the generate_show_title filter
    3. A custom template file in your child theme

    For PHP functions, check your functions.php file if you’re using a child theme. If you’re not, are you using the Code Snippets plugin?


    Today I was using the search function, and was flabbergasted to see a page filled with nice thumbnails and titels beneath them! Like I like it. But when I am on the Category page, the titels are missing still…

    Okay I feel we are getting somewhere:

    1 – no I’m not using Layout elements
    2 – I can’t find anything in Hooks or CSS that mentions generate_show_title
    3 – I’m not using a child theme

    Code Snippets -> Yes…

    These ones:
    -Fix login form missing password issue
    -Stop anchor being added to ‘more’ links
    -Default Customizer Color Palette
    -Parralax for Elementor
    -Removing Emojis
    -Enforce HTTP Open Graph URLs in Yoast SEO
    -Change how far from the top it appears – how far the back to top button will scroll
    -Replace (category) Description in the Page Headers

    Only the last one remotely sounds like it could be related?

    The code looks like this:

    add_shortcode( 'term_description', 'tu_term_description' );
    function tu_term_description() {
        echo term_description( get_queried_object()->term_id, 'category' );
        return ob_get_clean();

    With this to remind me:

    Page Headers replace the standard header element which contains the Description.
    Leo provides some PHP here to create a shortcode to display them.


    If I deactivate this Snippet and reload the affected page, nothing happens?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Ah, I think I see the issue. You’re using the old Page Header module instead of the new Elements module.

    Any chance you can try recreating that page hero in Elements to see if it fixes the issue?: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/moving-hooks-page-headers-to-elements/


    ooofff… okey… I might give it a look tomorrow… I have a lot of Header pages…. 🙁

    I need to change that Snippet as well then? I might need some help with that… But I take it one step at a time..

    Thanks for sticking with me …

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