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    I hope you can help because I have a mess in my site. Here is what I did:

    Updated WP and could not edit posts (not able to add internal links, cannot add images, cannot add featured image, word counter does not work, cannot edit permalink of the post, and who knows what else).

    Then I installed the Generate Press plugin hoping that the pro version of the theme might work. But it is even worse now. Cannot customize anything. Under Appearance ->Themes, I see stylesheet is missing for gp-premium (1.11.2 version). Cannot add screenshots to show things.

    Is there a way that you get me out of this mess? Thank you in advance.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Is this the same topic here?

    As for missing style sheet, that sounds like you are installing GP Premium as the theme:


    Yes this is the same list of issues but with a different site.

    Not sure what you are saying about stylesheet. I have installed the GP premium plugin. So what is the solution for this issue?

    Customer Support

    For the missing style sheet issue?

    Where are you seeing that?


    I described it in the starting question above, cannot add a screenshot, Appearance, Themes, and there is the message Broken Themes at the bottom.

    Customer Support

    It just sounds like the same topic in another post so I just want to make sure I’m not answering duplicated questions.

    Can you make sure the free theme and premium plugin are both installed?

    If that doesn’t help then please disable all plugins except GP Premium to eliminate any issues.



    Here is what I have done:

    Installed Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin and deactivated all plugins.

    Started adding the previously used plugin in this troubleshooting mode.

    It seems the issue with non-functioning commands (links, adding media, etc) is caused by two plugins, “WP Product Review” + “WP Product Review Lite” (as one package), and “I want this affiliate plugin”.


    How about the other issue, the Broken Theme? I have both GP Theme and GP plugin already installed and activated.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Just to confirm, you’re seeing a message about a “Broken theme” in the “Appearance > Themes” area?

    This usually means something wasn’t installed properly and the folder needs to be deleted via FTP/File manager on your server (wp-content/themes/broken-theme-folder-name).

    What’s the name of the broken theme? Does it tell you?


    Yes it does, “GP-Premium” and “stylesheet is missing”.

    You realize it would be easier if you would have an option to attach a screenshot.

    I shall ask my hosting support to try to remove the folder you mentioned. Shall get back to you if I cannot solve the issue.


    So the problematic file is removed and I now have access to modules and site library (after disabling problematic plugins). I would love to use the Marketer theme (which I already use on my other site from the beginning). But is it safe? I see warning that you recommend using this on a fresh site, this site already has well over 300 posts.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Importing a Site Library site on an existing website isn’t ideal, but it is possible.

    I would create a full backup of your site as it is right now as a precaution.

    Then, you can:

    1. Run the first step of the importer, which imports the Customizer options only. Take a look at your site before proceeding, it may be enough for you to get started with.

    2. If not, running the content import step will:

    1. Import the demo pages to the site – they can be deleted after.
    2. Set your primary navigation to these imported pages – you’ll want to reset to your existing navigation.
    3. Move your existing widgets to the “Inactive” widgets area in “Appearance > Widgets” and will add its own widgets. You can remove those and move your existing widgets back where they go.

    Obviously, it’s worth seeing if the first step is good enough for what you need. Marketer is quite simple, so it may be good enough without having to go through step 2.

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