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    Hey there,

    I saw a similar topic but thought it’d be better to open my own ticket, since the other one mentioned a different plugin.

    I’m using Imagify + Generatepress Pro. I compressed all my images but Pagespeed Insights tells me that my featured images are still huge. Any ideas on what I can do about this?

    Other topic mentioned using external CSS or something, but I don’t understand that.

    And on a similar note, it compressed my logo and I checked my site and saw that it was HUGE — in its original dimensions. Even in the Generatepress Customizer, I edited the logo width to be 130px, and it didn’t do anything. Should i just manually resize in Photoshop to my desired size, and use that new one? (I restored the compression on the logo temporarily, so if you look at my live site, you’re looking at the original, chunky file that’s been resized just fine in GP).

    Thank you!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i just checked the Site in Chrome Dev Tools and some of your images are being served as webP but others are not. I am no sure what the reason for that is, and i am not that familiar with Imagify – have you checked with Imagify support ?


    Hey David,

    Yeah that’s correct, but it seems like the only images that aren’t being served as webP format (or at least the biggest culprits) are my featured images. That’s the issue in question.

    Is there some reason that Imagify wouldn’t be able to see/compress the Featured Image?

    I’ll check with their support now, too, but since I just saw this issue mentioned in another topic (and your team was able to help him) I figured you might know.



    Update: is it safe to add my Generatepress Theme to optimization? I assume it will only optimize the images in the Theme itself, which would just be featured images and maybe my logo?
    deleted because it’s seemingly irrelevant


    Hi, I’ve read a ton of old support tickets and think I’m closer to a solution (I hope?) but I do still have a final question.

    A quick debrief:
    – Imagify plugin works for most site images, EXCEPT featured images, logo, and Gravatar. Why? Because Generatepress resizes both the featured images and logo on-the-fly, and WordPress never actually sees that newly-sized image. So Imagify doesn’t actually compress the sizes of image that are being used (even if it compressed the original file upon upload).
    (Can you confirm the above sounds about right?)
    – I can create newly-sized images with a bit of php, example here:

    add_action( 'init', function() {
        add_image_size( 'my-archive-featured-image', 500, 200, true ); // 500 width, 200 height, crop
        add_image_size( 'my-single-featured-image', 800, 500 );
    } );

    – The original size of the feature images I create is 1152 x 649. Why? Idk but it’s what I’ve always done. In Generatepress -> Customizer, I had featured images previously set to Full Size. It would serve up an appropriate size based on whether a visitor is on desktop, mobile etc, but I think herein lies the problem where WP (and Imagify) would never see that new size.
    – So uhh… what new sizes do I create?
    – 1152 x 649 for desktop, 708 x 399 , and 315 x 177 ?? or am I missing some in between there? I’m stumped here!

    Thanks in advance for your help, I know this question is a doozie.

    Customer Support

    GP removed its on the fly image resizer back in GP 1.1. It now simply uses the default WP media image function. Resizing only occurs if you set a specific width / height in Customizer > Layout > Blog and that is purely CSS ( ie. not server side). So thats an issue that can be eliminated.

    Also as your blog/archives and post content are constructed with Elementor, the only images from the Theme are the header element backgrounds ( not sure if Imagify supports CSS backgrounds ) and the single post featured image.

    Avatar images are being requested from the gravatar server – so there outside of your domain, which presumably Imagify cannot affect.

    Whats puzzling is if you inspect the HTML you can see that webP images are in the source. Some images are being requested as webp & working, some are being requested & the request is cancelled, and some are just being requested as the original image file type.

    Looking inside one of your posts, there is a couple using a Slider ( reviews ) – those are being output using JS, and in those cases it looks like both the webP and original format are being requested.

    I did find this article which may shed some light on the Elementor content ( which is repsonsible for the majority of image requests ):


    But the randomness of it all has left me stumped.


    >But the randomness of it all has left me stumped.

    In a weird way this makes me feel better… like I’m not going crazy over an easily solvable issue. Thanks for the insights, David. I’ll go back to the drawing board.

    It’s really just these darn featured images I want to solve, in the short-term.

    Have a great holiday season. I will mark this ticket as resolved.

    Customer Support

    Happy holidays to you too!

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