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    HI, how are you

    i want to show my many pictures of product, production, good loading, and machinese by creating a Gallery page.

    Anywa, this page mainly show the picture related to products, machinse and factory.

    im the user of paid generatepress them and generateblock pro,

    how to do that, pls give me steps or advice,

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    you can add a Gallery Block to your Page. Its a core block, just add a new block and search for Gallery.


    hi david

    this gallery block have the limitation for the size of the picture?

    is there any docs file or video file about gallary block?


    hello david

    just now i checked the pattern libray from generatblocks , then im finding this way to create gallery, pls check this screenshot https://prnt.sc/ksAv09eNYmRc

    once u check the screenshot, you will know it well.

    I meant, the way from the screenshot is fully different from the above way you told me.

    option 1: create container, then add Gallery block, then directly add the pictures,

    option 2, then it is from the screenshot , from the pattern library.

    i m wondering that which one is best to create gallery if we consider website loading sppeed, or user experience etc

    could you give me the best advice, thanks in advance

    Customer Support

    User the Gallery Block, it is easier to maintain and it is more performant to load Gallery Images then it is to load background images on container blocks.


    Hi, David, Pretty nice and thanks much for your help.

    To be honest, im new to create the website.

    I like your theme and really nice theme and nice support. Always 100% patience

    Customer Support

    Always happy to help 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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