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    I’ve asked a pre-sales question and I decided to buy Generatepress, so far so good. I asked how to build a look a like website as www dot eerstziendanbetalen dot nl. I want to create the same homepage with all the webstores, how do I create this? I am really stuck here, thanks in advance!


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    Hi there,

    how are you creating each of the Webstores ? Are these a custom post type ?


    This is not my site, I want to build it like this. Is it possible to build something like this? This is a affiliate site which displays other websites where you can pay afterwards. The only thing I want to know if it’s possible to display other e-commerce stores like they do and add clickable affiliate links. Let me know please, thanks!

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    Do you have any experience of creating a custom post type ? As if you need something to match that site its probably a big requirement


    No, no experience at all…

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    Hmmm…. ok. I can give you some general pointers on how to build that without Custom Post Types.

    1. You will need the ACF Plugin:


    With this you can add custom fields, one of which you will need for the External Link taking the user to the shop.

    1.1 And you will need the GenerateBlocks plugin:


    2. Then you need to create a post for each of your shops.
    You can use the Featured image for its logo, and the content for its description.
    And add the Custom Field URL.

    3. In Dashboard > Reading set the Home Page to Display Latest Posts.

    4. Enable the Blog Module and Elements module in Appearance > GeneratePress.

    5. In Customizer > Layout > Blog enable Columns and set the number of columns you require.

    6. Now the fun part of creating the Post Content Template. Which you are going to:

    a. Create a Dashboard > Appearance > Elements > New Block Element.
    b. set the Element Type to Content Template

    See here:


    You can construct the layout with the dynamic data. And the button to link to the shop will use a Dynamic Data Type of Post Meta and you will tell it to use the ACF Field name for the URL field you created earlier.

    Thats the basics of it – without a Custom Post Type.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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