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    Hi I am using GP premium and elementor pro,
    I am trying to add an elementor template by elementor short code in GP elementor, I’ve watched the tutorial and search related topics, I guess as I don’t know css and coding, it should be a pretty simple one so no one is asking.
    for example, I’ve designed the template widget in elementor, [elementor-template id=”6116″], and I’d like to add to
    settings: hook: after_archive_title
    display rules: post tag, tag A
    all the setting options are really clear, just that I don’t know what to type one the big blank box area(above the setting options)

    thank you for the attention on this supposed simple question.

    Melody Liu


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    you would add your Shortcode eg. [elementor-template id="6116"] in the text field above the Settings.



    Hi David,
    thank you for your clear response, I got it work, however my elementor pic carousel widget, will now showing very big and overlapping with my sidebar, and not responsive on other device views, is there a way let the widget showing as it is under elementor editor?
    add a bit my description: is there a way to make element to be contained and responsive? not the whole screen.

    thank you!
    Melody Liu


    David Customer Support

    Maybe this visual guide will help:


    It shows you the different hooks and their positions.
    You can see some span the full width of the page. Maybe one of the other hooks is better for your purpose.

    If it is still a problem can you link me to the page where i can see the issue ?



    Hi David,
    thank you for the hooks visual guide, that’s the one I was studying.
    let me show you my setting and how it shows on the website, apologize as my site is live and working for business, I can only publish my GP element for a short period then change it back, hence the screen recording.
    my setting: (please note that by this setting, the sortcode is showing correct position, just it is covering the whole horizontal space and overlapping with my sidebar, and it is not device responsive)
    how the hook element shows on my live site:
    how the exact same widget works under elementor page:

    I hope above screen recording shows my problem clearly.
    is GP hooks able to show like in elementor canvas?

    Thank you.


    David Customer Support

    Edit the Elementor template – can you make sure the Section DOES NOT have Stretch Section enabled and the Content Width is set to Boxed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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