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    carlo bazzo


    I moved a site from the development domain to production, everything is fine but I lost every setting about the Sections add-on, e.g. my Home which had several sections it is now empty.

    Is there a way to export Sections settings? Also tried your import/export add-on but it seems not effective on Sections. Thank you


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Carlo,

    That’s weird – the Sections settings are stored with all of your content and the other metabox settings.

    How did you go about moving your site from development to production? Did you move the entire database over?

    There’s no easy way to import/export sections yet, but it is something on my list.

    Let me know πŸ™‚

    carlo bazzo

    Hi Tom,
    yes I moved the entire database changing all the strings affected. The pages where we defined some Sections appear empty in the editor, as we did not define any section. We are copying and pasting the sections from the old site to the new one, not so much work, but I would be curious to know the way your add on saves section meta data as I did not see any special table in the database. Thank you


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    All of the Sections data is saved into the wp_postmeta database table.

    When it comes to transferring websites, I like to go with a plugin like this:

    It makes quick work of the process and brings everything over πŸ™‚


    Hey together,
    today I had the same problem and found the solution for this issue.

    When moving from development to production you usually take your database-script and replace all strings with your development-url to the strings of your production-url (e.g. http://localhost/mysite to

    The settings of the sections are saved in JSON format in your database and always consist of the “content”-strings and a checksum (sum of the characters in the content string).
    s:62:"Your content with a <a href="http://localhost/mysite">link</a>"

    Now, if there is an image or link with your dev-url in one of the sections and you replace it with the production-url, the characters of the “content”-string and the checkum don’t fit together and the sections will not be displayed.
    So you always if to check if the strings and the checksums are fitting.

    Best regards,

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Ah yes, it’s always a little risky doing mass find and replace URLs in your database.

    I prefer using a plugin like this:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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