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    I created what I wanted, and it only works perfectly on the home page. I create another one exactly the same but for the rest of the site, which will not work correctly.

    So I installed the duplicate plugin, copied the home page one that works perfectly, and made a separate element for my blog posts, and the darn thing does not work.

    I have tried to fix this for a week now with no luck.

    It does not show the featured image with a merged header at the top. It may be merged but without any image of any kind, who the hell knows what it is showing since everything is white?

    I have had no luck whatsoever.

    Please advise,

    Customer Support

    Hi Timothy,

    Yes, can you share admin login credentials so we can take a closer look?

    Please use the Private Information field as well for this.


    Here you go; thanks for your help!

    Customer Support

    Can you provide a link to a specific page you want to have a similar “Header” as the Front Page?

    Take note that some pages, like archive pages and the blog page don’t have “featured images” intrinsically – thus, the need for a fallback image.

    If you’re referring to your single Posts pages, you can enable Element “Blog Page Hero” for the single posts, and disable “Post Hero” to make it look like the Frontpage.

    Let us know.


    The Element I am trying to get to work on is called “Global,” just for reference.
    Yes, you are right; I did not link featured images to all the pages because it was not working, and there was no point.
    Also, I took out the fallback because it is the only image that works. So I put it back in, and now it does not show up either.
    I give up!

    I want all my pages to have the same layout at the top (Site logo and name and menu, the short image is behind the menu and extends down), just like my home page, but with the featured “different” images.

    I also want the home and shop pages to be separate so that we can put decorations for the different seasons on those two pages.
    So this will be for:
    My Blog page
    My About Page
    My Contact Page
    My Privacy Page
    My Returns Page
    My Terms Page
    My Privacy Page
    My Cookies Page
    And any future pages I make.

    Posts are easy, you have data that will link to them, but pages seem like some kind of magic stuff…

    Again, I want a header that works like my home page that will work for the entire site except for the (Shop page and home page) So we can use decorations for those per season.

    Why this works on the home page only is beyond me.

    Any Help is welcome
    Thank you

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    can i suggest some changes first ?

    1. In Customizer > Colors, i would suggest you set the colors here as if there was NO merged header element, as currently they are set to transparent and white, which means they are not visible unless the page has a header element ( like when viewing a product page at this time ).

    This provides a fail safe in case something goes wrong with the header element or you create pages without one.
    NOTE: Those colors are also the ones used on the Sticky Nav if you ever enable that.

    2. Then in the Header Element, on the Site Header Tab you can change the Site Header and Navigation colors so they are transparent and white.

    Now, the first thing i noticed is I edited the Contact US page, and there is no Featured Image selected for it ( note: i had to wait a around 20 – 30 seconds for the featured image meta box to display ). Can you add an image and then check that page ?


    I deleted all Header MERGE’s and used a menu at the top.
    I Set up individual headers, and most did work as expected.
    However, the SHOP page will not show the featured image.

    Either way, you proved that the MERGE is not ready for prime time yet!
    It only works when it wants to, which is not most of the time.

    I don’t know why or how the shop page differs from all the other pages.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Did you choose pages > shop as the location? If so, it won’t work.

    Try product archives instead.


    Ya, that did not work either. Why choose Product archives? Either way, it did not work.

    Customer Support

    The Shop is a Product Archive page. Correspondingly, I’m seeing the Products Page Hero – Header Element working on the Shop page.

    You can see it when you hover on Elements in the Admin Bar. Example: https://share.getcloudapp.com/yAuQer7g

    Now, since the Shop Page is an archive Page, intrinsically, it doesn’t have a Featured Image. You’ll need to setup a Fallback image in your Header Element here as well.


    The shop page is a page I created and built, and I set the featured image on that page. I know WooCommerce is using this page because I set in the settings for WooCommerce. Also, I added a backup image; no images show up.

    Look what I know about WooCommerce and GeneratePress you could put into a thimble, but all the other pages are working.

    That is why I asked for your help. So far, everyone has danced around the issues I have asked about but not once given me the solution to my actual questions.

    Just close this ticket, I am done, I will figure it out as usual. Thanks for trying to help.

    Customer Support

    I see. Sorry we weren’t able to resolve the issue. Hope you resolve it!

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