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    Hi there, Here is a header and footer design I desire to emulate as a template thru out my site.
    RE; Header I want a 3 lined navicon on the left (for all viewing platforms ), a single Co. name in the Middle and a tag line on the right.
    Re: Footer I want to copy this design and include social media buttons.
    The given example appears to have a underlying color below the neutral overlay for the header. The same underlying color in the header is the background color in the footer.

    How would you recommend I accomplish this ? I am a complete newbie.

    I will take your direction on this. I do wonder if creating a logo for the entire width of the header would work ?
    If so.. I need directions I have two logos, one for the middle and one for the right. I do not have the navicon. Please guide me. I left my website as is but i will start over from scratch.

    GP Premium 1.7.8
    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    lets deall with the header first, quite tricky to do, but we can try this. First off within the Customizer:

    1. Site Identity – add your Logo and Site Tag line.
    2. Typography > Header – set you Site Tag line font size.
    3. Color > Header – set you header background colors.
    4. Layout > Slideout Navigation –> activate for both ( Mobile and Desktop )
    5. Menus > Create a menu and assign this to the Slideout Navigation. Create a second Menu call it blank, do not add any menu items to it and assign this to the Primary Navigation.
    6. Layout > Primary Navigation – set it to float right.

    Once you have done that can you link me to the site ( the current link is going to a holding page ) and i will provide some CSS to arrange the header.


    Hi David,

    Thank you for this plan.
    First question, what customizer are you referring to do steps 1-7 thru ?
    Are you referring to customizing with in GP elements ? or using the customizer with in WP
    on the WP dashboard ?

    My overall plan was to build the header and footer design thru GP elements for all pages.

    I will build the header as you recommend.

    My site will display as many as 600 images. Therefore, I am trying to keep the framework light
    to promote speed in viewer loading.

    I was planning on using Envira Gallery plug in, WP and GPP and or another page builder if needed for the content between header and footer.


    Customer Support

    HI there,

    Thanks again for the instructions.I have completed steps 1-6 thru the customizer.
    Regarding Header: Again, I am mirrioring https://www.hoffmancreative.com.

    Besides wanting the navicon menu on left and the tag line on the right, I want these and the
    logo to be against a dark stripe of color originating from the top of the page with the lighter color(green grey) stripe set just below the dark. I am wanting to copy the same proportions as
    the stripes on the Hoffmancreative site.

    Also, on the hoffman site when the menu navicon is clicked the menu rolls down and the lighter color (grey green) fills the complete space between the header and the footer and the subtitles fill this space.
    How do i accomplish this ?

    Do you think i am better off trying to accomplish this Header/footer template on elements instead of thru the customizer?

    Here is my site as requested. http://daneinternationalfineart.com



    Hi David/leo,

    I am trying to create three separate titled links or a submenu under the category ARTWORK in my main menu. ARTWORk would contain a separate link for each of the following:


    How do i accomplish this ?

    Customer Support

    Any chance you can disable maintenance mode so we can see what you have so far?

    It’s basically impossible for us to provide solutions like this.



    Hi Leo,

    Thanks for your patience. This is the first site I have built.

    I do not know how to get the site off maintenance mode.I have bluehost.

    I followed some instructions to get off maintenance mode from the web. Based on the instructions I went to the Cpanel/ file manager and tried to locate the web root to show hidden files. I couldn’t find a web root or show hidden files. Under the file manager (home3daneinte) says the files are empty.

    I have no problem seeing the website from my computer or phone when I type in http://www.daneinternational.com The site is clearly visible to me.

    When did you last check it? The site had been parked and was pointed to the host server 30 hours ago.

    I will say just now, after i type in my url to bring the site up it changes from http://www.daneinternationalfineart.com to http://box5284.temp.domains/~daneinte/?page_id=100

    I doubt its suppose to be doing this ?

    If i need to change the url address from box5248.temp/domains/ how can i do this ?

    Please clarify how to set the site out of maintenance mode if it is still in
    maintenance mode when you check it.

    Please clarify how to get the url address to respond to http://www.daneinternational.com
    with out showing box 5248.temp/domains

    Thanks !!!!

    Customer Support

    This is what I see when I click on http://www.daneinternational.com

    All the questions above should be answered by your host as the theme itself has no control over things like maintenance page or redirect.


    Hi Leo,

    My site is ready for you to view …www.daneinternationalfineart.com

    Please review my earlier entry questions minus #879635 entry on sub menus.
    All other entries are active. Thanks,

    Customer Support

    Sorry I’m bit confused. This is what I see:

    Is there something wrong with it?

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