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    Dear Team,

    I am getting crazy.
    Yoast Premium is showing a second H1 on my main page.
    “Single title: H1s should only be used as your main title. Find all H1s in your text that aren’t your main title and change them to a lower heading level!”


    I have tested 10 tools and I can’t find it.
    I contacted Yoast – No answer.

    Can you guys help?

    Best regards,

    Customer Support

    Hi Julia,

    I viewed the page source: view-source:https://www.ihrcoachinginstitut.de/

    And search for h1 and the only h1 on the page I see is:
    <h1 class="gb-headline gb-headline-c48fcea9 gb-headline-text">Coaching Frankfurt – Lassen sie sich von den Besten inspirieren</h1>


    Dear Leo,

    Based on your comment I contacted the Premium support of Yoast.
    This is their answer. How shall I proceed? Is the information correct? Is it a Theme issue?

    Adetola replied
    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.

    The H1 assessment on your homepage is not an error. I am happy to provide further clarification.

    By default, the title of your post or page usually gets the H1 heading tag. Every other content below the title should have a heading or subheading between h2-h6.

    We see an additional H1 tag for the content “Coaching Frankfurt – Lassen sie sich von den Besten inspirieren”. However, we do see that in the front, only the Coaching Frankfurt – Lassen sie sich von den Besten inspirieren shows as the H1 tag. This is due to your theme setup, as the same issue appears on all your pages.

    We advise that you ignore this warning since it does not affect the frontend. Alternatively, We advise that you rebuild the theme so that it uses the page name/title as the H1, and, uses the featured image to output the big banner.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other concerns.

    How would you rate my reply?

    Thanks and regards,

    Adetola Adeniran
    Support Engineer at Yoast

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    Customer Support

    Hi Julia,

    It’s not a theme issue. They’re correct in saying that you can ignore the warning. Yoast is probably triggering a warning because it might still be detecting the disabled default Page Title.

    But, since in reality, there’s only one H1 in the front end, this is what search engines will see. So, the warning is safe to ignore as mentioned. It’s a false positive per say.


    Dear Fernadno,

    Thanks for the answer.
    Would it also be an option to:

    1. Unhide Page Titel
    2. Rename Page Title to same name as the current H1
    3. Repeat this on every page on the website?

    Does that make sense to you?

    Best regards,

    Customer Support

    So, all page default page title would be something like this “Coaching Frankfurt – Lassen sie sich von den Besten inspirieren” for all pages in your site?

    I’m not an SEO expert but I think having identical page title for your pages is bad for SEO. It may be marked as “duplicate” content by Google or other search engines.


    Thanks Fernando. Your question answered my question.
    I will follow your advice and ignore the alert.

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome Julia!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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