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    Hello GP Support !

    I think my site design is ok.
    But only ok at best.

    I feel confident that I can use
    GP fairly competently.

    And I have you folks to help me.

    So, please take a look at

    and then recommend what categories
    of sites I should look at on the
    GP Site Library, in order to see
    alternative designs.

    Thanks !

    Customer Support

    Hi John,

    tricky one … most of the sites in the library are very much business / design specific.
    Theres not much in the way of sites for simply conveying information, at the very most, i would say Volume or Read are the 2 sites that have some very loose comparison. In the sense that they are created for blogging.


    Thanks, David !

    I perused the sites yesterday.
    True what you write.

    My site conveys information.
    A lot of it. And soon even more.

    I’ll check out Volume and Read.
    But expect that I will have to
    continually improve what I have.

    Thanks !


    Customer Support

    I like your design, its clear and concise.

    My personal approach; i always ask what benefits you hope to gain from a redesign.
    A lot of the time it turns out an entire redesign isn’t required, and benefits were gained from adding for example a landing /sign-up page for attracting more users, or a nice related posts section to get more click throughs.

    If theres anything in particular you need assistance with then let us know.


    Very, very good advice, David.

    I am very wary of tweaking the site
    based on my own impatience or false
    sense of perfection.

    The bulk of the content is well-
    structured and well-presented as
    pages and posts.

    Weak, however, are the site landing page,
    and the landing pages for Germany,
    United States, and Germany:USA.

    I have an idea how to improve those.
    And it would not require a makeover.

    Thanks, David !


    Customer Support
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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