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[Resolved] Google Analytics + Image Ghost in Header + Credibility + Widget Content

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Google Analytics + Image Ghost in Header + Credibility + Widget Content

Home Forums Support Google Analytics + Image Ghost in Header + Credibility + Widget Content

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    Cathy Koperek


    So close to going live with my site – just have a few things to clear up.

    1. Since I know nothing about Hooks, I would like to use a plugin for Google Analytics. Going through the Forum, I noticed that in 2014 you recommended Yoast. Is that still a preference? I was looking at Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (, but thought I’d see what you recommend. The Yoast plugin hasn’t been updated for 7 months, and is “untested with your version of WordPress.” The deconf one apparently plays well with GP.

    2. Looks like my header has some kind of hidden image right over my logo. This shows up on Chrome, IE and mobile, but not in Firefox. I’m sure at one point I must’ve left something in there while I was figuring things out – probably tried half a dozen images there before using this one. Can you find the ghost?

    3. I used the Footer Putter plugin for the Credibility Footer ( Some day I’ll figure out how to change the color there, but right now I just want to finish this little project. I’d really like to do something like give you a shout out or thumbs up, but can’t figure out how to configure the GP portion with the Footer Putter plugin.

    4. Is it possible to change the content in a widget from page to page? I have two testimonials on my home page in the footer widgets, and used Black Studio Tiny MCE plugin to create those. I’d like to have two different testimonials on my “About” page, and cannot figure out how to do that. A few years ago you recommended Display Widget, so I checked them out. Can I actually change the content with that plugin, or just turn the widget on or off on different pages? You recommended them before you added widget capability to GP – any way to do this with GP?

    Whew! Then it’s time to activate Lightweight Social, and I’m good. Heh. Unless your dad wants to check it out…

    Um. Not sure I used the link code correctly :O

    Thanks again, Tom!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    1. Pretty sure the Yoast one works fine, but I always find these plugins to be overkill. All you have to do is paste the tracking code Google provides into the wp_head hook in “Appearance > GP Hooks”. One less plugin to worry about πŸ™‚

    2. Looks like you added a logo at some point which is a broken URL now. Go to “Customize > Site Identity” and remove the logo.

    I actually suggest you upload the logo you’ve added as a background image as this logo in Site Identity and remove it as a background image. Your site will be more responsive that way.

    3. I’m not too sure what that plugin does? What are you wanting to do? Add links to your footer?

    4. Display Widgets is the way to go. It requires you to add multiple widgets and apply them to different pages – there’s no way to just swap out the content inside the same widget. That would get pretty messy over time as well.

    Hope this helps – your site is looking awesome! πŸ™‚

    Cathy Koperek


    1. Done!
    2. Done!
    3. Figured it out! Said something nice about GP, but I think giving it a simple thumbs up emoticon would be perfect. Any ideas?
    4. Eh. Downloaded and activated Display Widgets, but it doesn’t show up on the Widget page (or anywhere else). I saw this on their FAQ:

    My widgets aren’t showing when I activate
    With some plugins and themes, you may need to adjust when the widget checking starts. You can add this to your theme functions.php or a new plugin.

    add_filter(‘dw_callback_trigger’, ‘dw_callback_trigger’); function dw_callback_trigger(){ return ‘wp_head’; //change to: plugins_loaded, after_setup_theme, wp_loaded, wp_head, or a hook of your choice }

    It does show that their last update was five months ago and it hasn’t been tested with my theme (or whatever the WP wording is for that).

    I know nothing about php, functions, and not sure I want to mess with it. It’s not mission critical, just would like to add different testimonials on different pages.

    Thanks for the kind words about the site. It’s kinda basic, but hopefully will accomplish what I need from it. Would really like to play with Sections – maybe for the blog I’ll be building next…

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    So with Display Widgets activated, you don’t have options like the below when you open one of your widgets?:



    Ok. That info does come up on the widget page – but does not appear when I try to edit widgets through the GP function (layman’s definition of “function,” not developer’s!) in the customization area of my site.

    It’s too bad the support page for the plugin doesn’t offer any basic instructions. Any time that question is asked, there is no reply from the developer. Obviously she does not have the same patience with newbies that you do!

    Speaking of obvious…I finally figured out that I had to add additional text (or whatever) widgets to, for example, “Footer 1” (GP-generated) on the Widget page. I know it’s a duh! moment for you, but for me it was a true aha! moment.

    Guess it’s the same for any professional that uses a term/idea/concept/procedure hundreds of times a week. We forget that others don’t. You should see the look of confusion on most people’s faces when I mention “patient engagement.” My friends in the medical field, however, laugh out loud when I tell them the name of my business/website. They tell me it’s perfect because they understand the term so well.

    That sense of accomplishment is already starting to wear off as I realize how dense I was…

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Cathy,

    Glad things are starting to come together! Support is tough, but I try super hard to be thorough and not go too deep with technical terms. I have years of experience supporting people with little to no website knowledge, and realize it’s not easy, so patience is key!

    Let me know if you have any other questions πŸ™‚

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