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    Carlos Herrero


    sections option is not compatible with Thrive Content Builder. I want to use thrive and use the full width of the screen to create sections, not boxed.

    In theme options would be perfect to choose the options as in sections. To use box type: fluid and inner box type: Contained. Now you can only choose a width of the container in px, but you can not contain your items with margins.


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    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Sections itself is a lightweight page builder, so it’s not compatible with other page builders I’m afraid. Same as you can’t use Beaver Builder and Thrive together for example.

    Does Thrive not give you the option to choose full width or contained rows?


    No way to edit the different sections with thrive content builder?

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    Lead Developer

    I’m not sure what you mean?

    Our Sections add-on isn’t compatible with any other page builders, as it’s a lightweight page builder in itself.


    It’s not just problem of Thrive and GeneratePress.
    Any page builder tend to have problem with fullwidth layout if it’s not theme built-in.
    But especially Thrive Builder has no option to adapt to fullwith if it’s not with Thrive’s theme.

    But at least to have page builders adapt to themes, themes should have fullwidth layout template.
    Which seems to be not in GeneratePress now.

    Would you add “only content is fullwidth” layout template?

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    Lead Developer

    Interesting idea – maybe a checkbox added below the sidebar layouts to make it so the content is full width.

    Do you have a link to a page using Thrive builder? For now I can just include the CSS in the theme to make it compatible as it’s a pretty major plugin (we’re already doing this with Beaver Builder).


    Actually Thrive Builder only works with boxed layout.
    Using fllwidth layout just stretch the content which is not good.
    So this is Thrive’s problem. only Thrive’s theme has option to make fullwidth content using thir page builder.

    Aside from Thrive,
    Themify Builder and Beaver Builder requires fullwidth layout in order to show fullwidth content properly.

    Visual Composer and SiteOrigin are OK with boxed layout because they have “Stretch Mode” which make content fullwidth regardless of layout width using negative margin.
    (But honestly this is ugly way so I don’t like it)

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    BTW, I’ve already requested Thrive to adapt fullwidth layout like Themify/Beaver few month ago.
    But It seems to be not implemented yet.


    I just check latest Thrive Builder earlier and noticed “Content Container” element have max-width setting.
    So with this, It can adapt to fullwidth layout which is good.

    But need some css skill to set background color/image since there is no background setting.
    There is “Section” element only when using Builder with Thrive’s theme that have background setting.
    So still not totally visual editing.


    Sent test account info for Thrive Content Builder from contact form.


    This is Section element which is available only when use Thrive’s theme or Landing Page Template(takeover entire page)

    FYI This is what they said when I requested fullwidth content compatibility,
    Unfortunately you can only do this with the page section element which is only available with a Thrive Theme, or in a Thrive Landing Page.

    We have it logged as a request, but when it comes to 3rd party themes there are some challenges in adding full width page sections. We can add them in our themes and our landing pages because we know exactly how their content area is coded.

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    Lead Developer

    Right, but if we know the class the plugin adds when it’s activated, we can very simply add a tiny snippet of CSS that will make the page content area full width – no need for them to guess how the content area is coded since we can do it ourselves 🙂

    Do you have a page using Thrive that I can look at to gather the necessary classes?


    Yes as I wrote, I prepared test WordPress site for you.

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    Lead Developer

    Just saw it now, thanks!

    It’s a shame, they don’t add a class to the element letting us know Thrive is activated.

    So our next option is to use our Simple CSS plugin:

    Then add this into the CSS metabox on pages where we want the content to be full width:

    .container.grid-container {
        max-width: 100%;

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