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    Well I’m looking at my PHP processes and a bunch keep popping up even though I have zero traffic and should be fine hosting three sites on a medium level pricing tier with GoDaddy on CPanel. The guy basically told me that GoDaddy doesn’t even support the needs of their email using clients and then said that it was the GeneratePress theme conflicting with the other plug ins.

    Clearly Google Fonts and using other plugins is not the way to go with this theme. too bad, i built a nice site that breaks my server with every page loa that sets off endless zombie processes.

    I appreciate the user interface, although the vcard class was left untouched? Good theme, just don;t use it with GoDaddy.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Peter,

    We have many, many people using GoDaddy as a host with GeneratePress. The actual GeneratePress theme is extremely simple and lightweight. The use of the add-ons definitely adds more features, but all of those features use core WordPress functions – there’s no bloat from other scripts or anything going on.

    There’s also 0 PHP errors or warnings – everything is developed with WP_DEBUG turned on and PHP error reporting.

    Efficiency is probably my number one priority when it comes to GP, I take it super seriously.

    Theme-wise, GP uses 2 less database queries than the latest theme release from WordPress (Twenty Sixteen).

    The biggest resource hog in the theme is the Google Fonts, and maybe Font Awesome. However, both of these are almost completely standard in all themes these days, and hardly take up any resources. You can also disable the use of both of these very easily (but you really shouldn’t have to).

    I suggest installing the Query Monitor plugin to see where your resources are being spent. It may be a plugin or another issue.

    Either way, thanks for trying GP – I hope you have better luck with the next theme you try 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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