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    Hello, guys. Could you please say if GeneratePress can work with the Angular?
    Not sure how to start with the topic. Now I got a site:
    And it’s got that filter functionality, I’ve researched and found about the Angular (it’s made on it as it seems), so the question is can I work with Angular and GeneratPress through this https://angularxo.io
    Or may be there’s a simpler way? I know about the ACF and Formidable and Facetwp, so this is a conventional way to move, but this Angular thing looks so reactive (found a term even there 🙂 ), so what about this area? Can you please guide me how could I in a rapid manner to build such 1 page apps. Thanks.

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    Hi there,

    to build that filter system would take custom development. Angular is a complete JS library so maybe overkill for what you need.

    Maybe a simpler option would a search and filter plugin like:



    Sorry, forgot to ask, if I build this with Facetwp and ACF, I need this comparison feature. So I thought about a page with querying of posts with field Selected.
    The only thing left to make value of the field Selected change through Ajax.
    Is there a way? Like when I click on listing, the field value changes. Then I need to clear that field too somehow. Thanks.


    Thanks for the reply, I guess I must ask where should I post this question.
    So, there’s no way to integrate Angular into GeneratePress? From what I checked it seems really impressive, those app functionality

    Customer Support

    To integrate it with the GP blog for example would require custom development. We normally recommend looking at https://codeable.io/ for a developer who could do that for you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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