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    I started creating a new homepage.

    I would like to have a Startpage from where I get directed to the “main page”, like this:
    http://www.floriangadsby.com or
    The slider on these pages always stays perfect fullscreen no matter how I seize my browser window or which device i use (the picture gets cut on the sides).

    I tried now already different free versions of sliders:
    SmartSlider3, UnitedGallery, MasterSlider, MetaSlider…
    I always have the same problem:
    The slider is not always fullscreen. Somewhere something is always missing or too much…

    I read different forum posts but I couldn’t find a solution yet.

    Your option in the header addon is perfect (https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/best-way-to-show-slider-full-screen/), it is exactly doing what I want, the only problem: it’s only one picture or video and no picture slider. I was thinking about making a short “picture video” but videos are deactivated on mobil devices and it would be also more complicated to update the slider by always creating new videos.

    Somebody knows a solution for this problem without buying a “slider pro version”?

    Best wishes

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    You can actually insert slider shortcode in Page Header Content:

    Let me know if this answers your question.


    Hi Leo,
    thank you for your reply.

    I already tried the short code in the Page Header Content, it’s even “less” fullscreen than in the page content.

    In page content the slider is fullscreen in the by me chosen optimised browser windows seize, only when I change my browser seize or if I use a mobile device the slider gets fullwidth instead of fullscreen. (I think that’s the limitation of the free version…)
    But when I insert the short code in the page header content, it’s never fullscreen.

    Customer Support

    Even when Fullscreen option is checked? https://docs.generatepress.com/article/page-header-content/#container-type

    Is the slider big enough? Can you provide a link to the page?


    Even when the fullscreen option is checked.


    I created 3 menu items as demo. I used now SmartSlider 3 for this demo. I tried different Sliders, but all caused the same problem.

    1) Slider Header Content:
    here the slider short code is in the header content box, fullscreen activated, container type: fullwidth, page builder container: fullwidth
    Problem: as soon as I change the proportions of the screen, the slider gets fullwidth instead of fullscreen.

    2) Slider Page Content:
    slider short code in page content, page builder container: fullwidth
    Problem: same as 1)

    3) Backgroundpicture:
    Does exactly what I want, stays fullscreen in all promotions (cutting of the sides of the picture to stay fullscreen).
    Problem: only one picture

    The slider on these two pages is also behaving in the way I would like my slider to behave, when you change the proportions of the browser window :
    http://www.floriangadsby.com or

    The slider is not behaving like the background picture. It seems like the slider is limited to the adjusting I make in the slider plugin and “doesn’t care” about my adjustings in the page header section.

    The solutions I see (please let me know if I’m wrong):
    1) Somehow adding more background pictures, so that the background picture has a slider function. Maybe a future feature? Or is this somehow possible for me to do myself?

    2) Finding a Slider with fullscreen option. Do you know a free one?
    I tried different free versions of sliders (SmartSlider3, UnitedGallery, MasterSlider, MetaSlider…) but I never found a fullscreen option (not fullwidth) and ended up with the problem described above as soon as I change the proportions of my browser window.

    3)Do you know any other solution?

    4) Buying a Pro Version

    Edit: While doing research I realised the slider I’m looking for is called full page and not fullscreen.

    Best wishes

    Customer Support

    Hmm I don’t see the slider being inserted in this page? http://cyrillucidokuhn.com/

    Can you add it in so I can see where the problem is coming from?

    I was imagining you should be able to achieve the same thing as 1:20 in this video: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/page-header-overview/

    You could also try using the before header hook:


    Here are the slider(s):

    I already saw the video and read almost all forum posts.

    I found this post of someone also using the generate press theme:

    His problem is a bit similar to mine. The difference is his page continues under the slider. And so it doesn’t matter if the slider gets smaller when changing the browser window proportions because the content from under the slider just comes up.
    My problem is, that the slider should be the only thing on my start page (like the example pages I posted above) and if I change now my browser window proportions I get black empty space under the slider.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    The slider itself would have to be set to be 100% height. Using the Page Header Content, the container is full height, but the slider isn’t.

    Those sliders should all have “full screen” or full height options in them. Have you tried those?


    I couldn’t find this option in any free version I found yet… Fullwidth option all have, but full height or full screen only the pro versions include…

    Is there no way in forcing the slider to get full height?

    Customer Support

    Not really. Smart Slider’s code is pretty complicated to modify.


    If I have to buy a pro version only for one slider, which would cost me almost as much as your theme which includes so much more… I would prefer donating you the money for the extended version of SmartSlider3 or SliderRevolution and you include it in your theme and every GeneratePress Premium User can use it… if this is possible?

    Customer Support

    Sliders are definitely plugin territory as it’s not needed by everyone.

    Tom tries very hard to keep GP lightweight and only add things that majority of users use 🙂


    And including it in the header background picture? Video possibility is already there, so instead of only one background picture the possibility for up to 3 or 5 pictures and time interval, nothing fancy… wouldn’t this be a nice feature? 😀 😀

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    That would be pretty cool, but it hasn’t been requested a lot. People tend to use their favorite slider plugin as they can do so much more with it. If I did that, it wouldn’t be long until people started asking for layered text, arrows, dot navigation etc..


    Is it possible to position the slider which is included in the header content (or page content if easier) exactly in the middle of the page?

    I tried things like:

    body .inside-page-header-container.grid-container {
       position: absolute;
       top: 50%;
       left: 50%;

    but didn’t manage to really center it yet.

    Best wishes

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