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    Russell Masters

    Forgive me if I have missed the obvious here but I am wanting to create a fluid & responsive layout with some full width responsive landing pages for ad campaigns.

    I see Fluid/FullWidth & Contained options for header, nav and footer but not for content.

    I am using WPBeaverBuilder.com as my page builder with GeneratePress + Addons as the theme framework.

    I am trying to achieve an effect similar to this website https://www.thenewhuman.com/

    So question: is there something I have missed or could you suggest some css I could add to my child theme?

    Russell Masters

    Subject should be “Full Width instead of Boxed Layout”

    Laura Brown

    Doesn’t the content stretch to fill the space once you set the header/ footer?

    Russell Masters

    No, if you look at a dev site we are testing this on Dixon Dev Site You will see definite containers.
    There is a width selector in the customizer but max width is 1500px and seems to just adjust the container size.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Russell,

    This is actually exactly what our upcoming add-on does – Generate Sections.

    If you have GP Premium installed, it will be included when you perform the next update.

    I’ve been holding off on releasing this new add-on as I want to make sure everything is perfect, but it’s very close to being ready to go.

    Let me know if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    Russell Masters

    Thanks Tom,
    I had used the following css but the new add-on sounds good, looking forward to it.

    body .grid-container {
    max-width: 100%;

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Yes that will work as well for the entire content area.

    You can also add the unique class of each page to the body if you only want to target specific pages:

    body.page-id-xx .grid-container

    Russell Masters

    Hey Tom, is there any eta on the the release of Generate Sections?
    Also where, apart from wordpress updates, do we see release updates, version numbers and changelogs?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Ran into a snag – wanted to refine it a little and may it perform a little better before releasing it.

    I’m really hoping for this upcoming release.

    You’ll see the updates appear in the “Plugins” area of your Dashboard if you’ve verified your email – it will include a changelog and version number.

    new poster


    I love Generate Press and am determined to stick with it. I want to be able to build a site for a client that will use beaver builder (like the above questioner).

    I want to use “sections” that go the full width of the screen and then be able to add content to it, and of course to be able to put the beaver builder content /rows/columns on the page..ofcourse within the generate press sections created. This seems like a basic need for building my website
    However, I have not been able to. And I want to pull my hair out. I run into the craziest problems just trying to do the simplest things for a website.

    After I make the generate press sections on any page, I can then do nothing to add content with the beaver builder drag and drop program. Is this a known issue?, I am missing something?..or any other knowledge you can share with me?

    I also have another head scratcher about sections. I bought it and seems to be what it should just by itself in my first wordpress installation site. I brought it to a second site in a different installation and it doesn’t seem to be the same. It is missing the toolbar options in the top of the edit area from the page edit screen.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Our Sections add-on is separate from the default WordPress editor, which plugins like Page Builder and Beaver Builder are built to worth with.

    This basically means the two aren’t compatible, as the design/purpose of the two clash quite heavily.

    However, using a plugin like Beaver Builder, you should be able to create something super similar to what you would create using the Sections add-on – Sections is just more lightweight and simplified for people who don’t need all of the page builder options.

    What are you trying to do in Beaver Builder/Sections that you need the two together?

    new poster again

    Thanks for your support Tom.
    I am used to working with html and css myself doing everything manually. New to all these themes and plugins galore!
    I at this point, simply am trying to make full width sections with the content inside it, contained to an arbitrary width. And then have the content edit-able from the front end. (Not necessarily by just me.)

    Thanks and thanks in advance for your help and input.

    I started with your theme and love it, full advocate here.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Ah, front-end editing. Got it.

    I have some work to do on Sections, so I’ll fiddle with this as well with hopes of making the two compatible ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad you’re enjoying GP!

    new poster again

    Sounds intriguing!
    Thanks for your response

    Much like the original poster Russel, I experienced that the header and footer function customization did not work the same with the content.

    It sounds like we were also trying to do similar things. full width sections with content width adjustable arbitrarily, similar to what it does to the header and footers. When I put body .grid container to 100% like you said, it gets overridden by the inline.

    new poster again

    Even aside from that, I was then trying to use beaver builder for front-end content adjustments(to be made by others other than me as we talked about.

    Thanks for everything

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