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    Hi there,

    I am working on the core web vitals of one of our website. (please see attached the link to the test website)

    How can I reduce the FCP and LCP for mobile?

    Thank you. Best wishes. Carlo

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    try our optimization tips here with the Autoptimize plugin:


    This should reduce the number of render blocking resources.

    Note: We are seeing may instances of where Googles Lab Data in Page Speed Insights is not a true reflection of your actual site speed. Aside of it using a simulated 3G network, we believe some of this is because of the location of Googles Servers.

    If you run a GTMetrix or webpagetest.org test on your site and choose a location that is closest to your server you will see more realistic loading times.

    Over time as Google collects Field Data on your site – you should see those numbers improve.


    I do absolutely agree with David. Google Page Speed is more often than not useless. They always find the servers too slow. It is crucial to use a test server that is located where your site is hosted. High quality pagespeed tools let you choose between different server locations. And isn’t it ironic that very often Google services slow down your site if your not located in the USA?


    Thank you guys,

    we are in Europe, our server is in Frankfurt, Germany (Digital ocean). Our users are in Italy.

    We have a Gtmetrix pro plan but I think that the only real android device available is in canada (London Android option is greyed out). London options seem only to let me to try device simulations. So I guess I cannot do a reliable test.
    Desktop test results are ok but I’d like to keep a special eye on mobile settings (mobile first politics… )

    I’d really appreciate any hints on how to monitor this specific website correctly 🙂


    An often overlooked tool for measuring page speed is the developer console. You have some presets and can setup any bandwith configuration you want. This is not very precise, since mobile connections do fluctuate very much in terms of speed. What is great about the developer console: It eliminates the test server location, and the speed of your machine comes into play. I’ve just recently found out how important CPU power is for rendering a website. I work on a pretty slow machine. Compared to a high end 16 core Mac rendering a heavy website is two to three times slower. Having said this, it will not help very much for presenting your work to customers. They just want an A grade or a 100% score.

    Customer Support

    To add to the conversation:

    Consider adding https://www.webpagetest.org/ to the mix.

    Sample result from your site.

    You can click on the grades for further details.

    A wise man once said:
    "Have you cleared your cache?"

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