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    The mobile preview is picking up a SiteLock logo as my main “image” for the Google preview. When I attempt to set a featured image to replace the automatically generated image, the result is a huge image placed above the content on my page. I’ve included a screen shot of the problem. Any help here would be much appreciated!

    Yoast support indicated that this was a theme issue… I’m using Pixel.

    Customer Support

    Hey Matt,

    I’m not seeing a screenshot attached here. Can you upload it using a service like this?

    Are you referring to the image when sharing on a social media?

    If so the theme itself definitely doesn’t control it – I’m surprised that Yoast would say that as we usually recommend using their plugin for this issue.

    It might be worth disabling all plugins to test if there is a conflict somewhere.

    If not then I would recommend follow up with their support to see if they can provide a bit more details.


    Hi Leo,

    I have created a link to download the 3 screen shots I took to help illustrate the problem:

    I am not referring to the social media sharing. I am referring to the SEO / Google Preview

    The goal is to replace the “Sitelock” logo that was randomly assigned to my mobile preview and have either my main company logo appear or another image that better represents the page.

    Somehow, when I attempt to change the Set Featured Image, the newly set image lands above all my content as a huge logo. All I am trying to do is have a small thumbnail appear on the mobile search without impacting my published page- while removing the “sitelock” icon.

    Now that I’ve uploaded the screen shots, maybe you’ll be able to see what has happened here.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    do you know if that image is actually being displayed on Google search results ? Or is it just within Yoasts preview ?


    I was able to address the issue by disabling the “Show Featured Image” element in “Display Elements.” With that disabled, the problem has been resolved.

    Customer Support
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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